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The Greening of cremation

National Geographic magazine published an article the other day that you can read here.  It was published in their “Environment and Conservation” sector and is entitled, “The environmental toll of cremating the dead“. The article makes the statement that 78% of Brits are now cremated and in America, we have surpassed the number of burials with cremations.  National Geographic points out and surmises that much of this cremation popularity is because it is seen as a “more environmentally friendly” option […]

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Utah Becomes 14th State to Approve Alkaline Hydrolysis

A recent article from The Universe, a Brigham Young University publication, which you can read here starts off with the following quote, “The baby boomers have changed every industry in their lives, so they’ll change this one as well.”  That was said by Utah funeral director and founder of the Nelson Family Mortuary Lance Nelson. Nelson’s comment comes in a discussion of Utah HB 387 – the bill that allowed alkaline hydrolysis to become legal in Utah, making Utah the […]


Is the Future of Death Care Same Old. . Same Old??

It seems really ironic just to make the headline statement for someone who has seen the death care/funeral industry change so fast over my 35 year career.  As I’ve said before, within a generation America has changed from a burial disposition society to one of a cremation disposition society.  So, we have been anything but same old, same old. Most of us in funeral service have not only seen the rise of the cremation industry but the proliferation of it […]