Transcend continues movement of forest into “product”

This article from Fast Company introduces us to a new start-up in the burial and memorialization space, Transcend.  Transcend, the brainchild of founder and CEO Matthew Kochmann, plans to be somewhat like Better Place Forests in that they will be bringing forests and trees into the realm of memorialization.

Unlike Better Place Forests, where a mature tree is purchased as the base for interring cremated remains, Transcend will offer “tree burials” in which a full human body is buried.  According to the article, here’s how that would work, “a shallow grave is lined with wood chips or hay, the body is wrapped in a linen shroud and lowered inside, and then a mix of local soil, wood chips, and fungi is added on top. Finally, a young tree, two to four years old and native to each area, is planted on top.” 

Kochmann goes on to say that “Each tree will have a plaque, along with GPS coordinates for visiting relatives.”  In Kochmann’s view this method of human disposition is much more environmentally friendly than other death care disposition methods because a cremation, which the article states “uses a large amount of energy” is not necessary.

Preneed approach is Unique

No doubt it will take time to acquire the company’s sites on what it hopes is deforested land “within two miles” of large cities.  While the company is doing that they will be offering opportunities for potential clients who want to make an impact on the environment immediately.  For clients willing to reserve a future burial today Transcend will plant 1,000 trees right away.

The company is also offering “Founding Memberships” which creates an opportunity to plant 100 trees today and lock-in the ability to reserve a future burial.

Finally, the company is already marketing a “home kit” for burying pets in the backyard using the same burial procedure as the future human burials, complete with a biodegradable linen carrier and a tree burial guide.

Here is the Transcend Pet Tree Burial Kit as seen in Pet Business.

Here is the website for Transcend

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