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There is nothing more American than starting a business small and then growing that business to be much bigger.  It’s the way that immigrant families grew their businesses in America starting from before this land was America.


Our family’s a perfect example.  For some reason my great-grandfather, his wife, and one-year old child set sail for America from the shores of Sweden in 1872 and eventually opened a furniture cabinet building shop.  It was from those beginnings that a furniture store, funeral home, and other businesses sprouted over the next 151 years providing income for four generations of our lineal family.


I found it intereting today when I read this article from the Tri-City Herald of Kennewick, Washington, that growing a business is still alive and well in the death care profession.  Tim Morris, known as “Cemetery Tim” for his storefront monument businesses in Pasco and Yakima, Washington, has now submitted plans for a funeral home to be built in Pasco adjacent to Pasco’s historic City View Cemetery.


The article indicates that Morris, known as the “Headstone Whisperer” in the area will be building a 7,284 square foot funeral home that will eventually include a crematory.


Here’s what the article said about Morris and his rise in popularity among those who purchase monuments, “In 2018, the Yakima Herald-Republic called Morris “the least likely internet celebrity to ever come out of the Yakima Valley” in a feature about his lively approach to a somber profession. His highly customized headstones celebrate the lives of the people they honor and are sold nationwide.”


To get an idea of Morris creative and unique monument business you can check his website out here.


Tom Anderson
Funeral Director Daily

Funeral Director Daily:  Cemetery Tim is anything but traditional.  But, you have to admire how he has built his business and is now planning to open a full service funeral home.


My take from looking at the website and some other articles is that Cemetery Tim is a “little bit brash”. . . .But being different, in any business, will get you to stand out.  And, if you deliver on your promises at the right prices that brashness could be a positive attribute to some customers.


Cemetery Tim will soon find out if the boldness he has shown in the monument business will translate to the funeral home business.


I think looking at the business of Cemetery Tim may be representative of looking at all of the death care options out there today.  It’s probably a great reminder that the “individuality” of funeral services and funeral products is growing more and more.  We no longer live in the one-pony traditional funeral home realm that we once did.


I think going forward we will have more niche businesses like “Cemetery Tim” and less of the one-size-fits-all businesses from whence traditional funeral homes came.


My advice to death care merchants whether they be centuries old or brand new is to be “flexible” to the services your potential clientele is telling you that they want. . . .Flexibility may well be the key to profitability moving forward.


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