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As part of Funeral Director Daily’s continuing effort to make you aware of health and knowledge information available to the Death Care professional we turn this afternoon’s blog spot over to giving you some information on items of interest in the profession.  Learn about how to care for yourself when you tune in to CANA’s Peer Support group or learn about what may be coming next in the pandemic world as we give information about a webinar with Michael Osterholm of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy.

Funeral Director Daily also brings you business knowledge information from the ICCFA about “Planning for Profit” and from the accounting and advisory firm Clifton Larson Allen about “Making decisions in inflationary times”.

Peer Support Group from the Cremation Association of North America (CANA)

Tuesday, October 18 — Click here for details.  Virtual group

Here’s how CANA describes this month’s session:  “Poul Lemasters, a lawyer for the profession and Principal of Lemasters Consulting, facilitates this peer support meeting for funeral professionals to talk about miscommunication and conflict in the workplace.”

The Path Ahead:  A conversation with Dr. Michael Osterholm

Tuesday, October 18 — Click here for details.  Virtual webinar

Here’s how the University of Minnesota describes this event:  Amid the ever-changing world of infectious diseases, we find ourselves asking, “What comes next?”  Join the U of M’s Michael Osterholm, M.S. ’78, M.P.H. ’80, Ph.D. ’80, Regents Professor and director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP) and one of the world’s preeminent infectious disease experts, for a recorded conversation from San Francisco, California.

Together, we’ll reflect on the University’s world-leading response to COVID-19, consider the challenges and triumphs, discuss ways we can be better prepared, and look to the future.

Planning for Profit:  Responsible Fiscal Management presented by ICCFA

Thursday, October 20 —  Click here for details.  Virtual webinar

Here’s how the ICCFA describes this event:  “Generally, fiscal management is accepted as the process of keeping an organization running efficiently within its allotted budget. Fiscal managers are generally charged with the oversight of an entities revenues and expenditures, including accounting operations, payroll functions, financial reporting and compliance, and adherence to financial plans. A key element of responsible fiscal management is the creation of internal controls to identify and prevent fraudulent activity. Whether you’re new to the profession, or in need of a review, tune in to discuss the basic components of a system, the differences between For-Profit and Non-Profit organizations, and the roles of management to ensure success within your organization. Attendees will gain an understanding of the terminology used, review common ratios and formulas to interpret financial statements, learn how to establish internal controls, and more.”

Making Decisions in Inflationary Times presented by Clifton Larson Allen

White paper article — Click here for more information

Here’s what CLA says about the paper:

Each inflationary period has its own distinct set of pressures. Successful decisions made during 2008’s inflationary period might not translate successfully to the next inflationary period. Even within the same inflationary period, the impacts on different organizations won’t be the same.

To actively guard against negative inflation impacts, assess and test three key areas: supply chain, labor, and pricing.”

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