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Last week Funeral Director Daily published a couple of stories that had more published on them after our articles ran. . . We thought we would take an  Afternoon Edition to put those stories back in front of you in case you wanted to learn more.


First of all, we published a story entitled “Body brokers sentenced to prison” that you can read or re-read here.  It pertained to a Colorado case where a funeral director and her mother were sentenced to prison for selling body parts of deceased clientele without the family knowledge.


This follow up story is entitled “Victims of Colorado funeral home that doubled as body broker begin to heal“.  It is a story from the victims side and tells of the hurt and heartache that the perpetrators caused to innocent family members.  It also contains a video story and is from Denver, Colorado ABC News Channel 7.  While location of this crime may be a coincidence, the news story points out that the state of Colorado is the only state with no regulations about funeral director licensure.  You can see the video story and print article here.


Secondly, Funeral Director Daily published a story entitled “Children survivors:  12 year-old leads rally for “Bereavement classes” to be taught in public schools.  You can read or re-read that article here.  The article is about a 12-year old girl whose mother died of cancer and she is leading an effort to get “Bereavement classes” taught in her local public school system.  And, the story goes on to tell, that she has some well-placed death care practitioners helping her in that effort.


The “follow-up” article we offer today is from BBC News and entitled “Derbyshire hospice backs calls for bereavement lessons in schools“.  You can read it here.  It tells of a Derbyshire hospice that sees first-hand why this is necessary.  The hospice provides counselling for 900 bereaved children each year and they suggest “Educating children about bereavement will make them feel “less isolated” and “more understood” by others” and “If children and young people can have age-appropriate education within the safe and supportive environment of their school, these subjects can be addressed in a sensitive way.  Children will know what to say and do to support their friends and we can prepare all children and young people for if the worst happens.”


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