The Glam Reaper Podcast. . . and an interview with the guy behind Funeral Director Daily

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Jennifer Muldowney
“The Glam Reaper Podcast”

Back in 2019 Funeral Director Daily did an article that you can read here on Jennifer Muldowney, better known as the Glam Reaper.  Jennifer, a native of Dublin, Ireland, comes to our industry from a hospitality, wedding planner, and event planning background.

Today, Jennifer works in both Dublin and New York City operating her business, Muldowney Memorials.  In New York City she has also worked as an in-house Memorial Planner and Celebrant at Frank E. Campbell’s, the famous NYC funeral home.  She also has created a line of cremation jewelry called “Farewell Celtic Ashes” that clients can purchase as keepsake jewelry with cremated remains of both humans and pets.  You can see her products here.

Jennifer also produces a regular death care podcast and yours truly was recently an interviewee.  The interview took place last summer and has recently been released.  You can learn more about the topics we discuss and link to the podcast from here.

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