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This isn’t your grandmother’s funeral

By Funeral Director Daily / January 25, 2024 /

    This recent article in Florida’s Business Observer is titled “Funeral home finds success with new life celebration model”.  The article goes on to discuss, among other business changes in the death care industry, the Robert Toale & Sons Celebration of Life Center in the Sarasota, Florida, area.   The Robert Toale & Sons…

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Acquisitions, new locations. . . .the business of funerals just keeps rolling along. . .

By Funeral Director Daily / April 12, 2022 /

It never ceases to amaze me how as habits change, some things stay the same and just keep rolling along.  I don’t mean that in any negative way, but as death care is looking at new options such as alkaline hydrolysis, green burial, and natural organic reduction in the future, the tried and true ways…

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A contemporary funeral home for Urban life

By Funeral Director Daily / January 31, 2022 /

It’s been called a “hipster” funeral home.  That’s at least what one person labeled Brooklyn, New York’s new contemporary funeral home, Sparrow.  Erica Hill, a co-owner of Sparrow says this of comments like that, “Yes, we look different than what you expect a funeral home to be, but that’s okay.” According to this article in…

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News to start the Week

By Funeral Director Daily / March 4, 2019 /

It’s Monday morning and I thought I would bring you some news that hit the wire over the weekend.  Nothing new about this news. . . if anything it continues to reinforce the facts that cremation is increasing, people are still paranoid about funeral homes, and less caskets are being sold in America. Here’s is…

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Survive and Thrive

By Funeral Director Daily / July 13, 2018 /

Today we bring you an article from about a new funeral home business that just opened up in suburban Hartford, Connecticut.  The funeral home is a 5,000 square foot building in Plainville, CT and is owned and operated by a 20-year veteran funeral director Andrea Wasley, a lifelong resident of the community.  You can…

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InvoCare opens “Funeral Home of the Future” in Victoria, Australia

By Funeral Director Daily / April 19, 2018 /

Australia’s leading provider of funeral and cremation services, InvoCare, announced on April 17th that their newest funeral home has been opened in Dandenong, Victoria.  According to their press release which you can read here, “Industry and consumer trends show customers are increasingly looking for a contemporary environment that provides a range of products and services,…

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Newcomer Funeral Service Group purchases Dayton Property

By Funeral Director Daily / March 13, 2018 /

A sale was recorded last Monday in the Dayton, Ohio area pertaining to the purchase of land at 820 Miamisburg-Centerville Road according to property records reported by the Dayton Daily News.  The property, with seven acres of land, was owned by Schlientz-Moore Funeral Home and purchased by Warren Family Funeral Homes, Inc. According to the…

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Monday Morning “Snip-Its”

By Funeral Director Daily / August 7, 2017 /

As Funeral Director Daily starts to roll-out our product to the death care industry we will continue to feature one article per day on an industry happening and give our opinion on that article to be used for the benefit of our readers.  While we have tested our ideas and system we have also realized…

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