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It’s Monday morning and I thought I would bring you some news that hit the wire over the weekend.  Nothing new about this news. . . if anything it continues to reinforce the facts that cremation is increasing, people are still paranoid about funeral homes, and less caskets are being sold in America.

Here’s is what we are bringing you and giving you the option of just clicking thru to the article to learn more. . .

  • Residents of Portlandville Heights, Ohio came together to protest the possibility of a new funeral establishment being proposed by Dan Rexwinkel in that community.  Among other things the residents complained that a funeral establishment in their neigborhood would drive down property values, increase traffic, and cause embalming chemical pollution.  At the end of the meeting the Akron Board of Adjustment members voted to approve a Special Exemption Use permit so Rexwinkel’s business plan could go forward.  You can read an article on the meeting here.
  • The Leffler family, who own nine traditional mortuaries in Pennsylvania, have opened their first crematory in Jersey Shore.  You can see a news video and story about the opening here.  The business will be known as Tributes of Life Crematory.  Owner Brian Leffler described the facility as such, “I think we want it to feel warm and a little bit different than your traditional funeral home so they can celebrate their loved one’s life that they lived.”  Leffler also offered that with more people opting for cremation, the Leffler family wanted to own and operate their own crematory.
  • Finally, in news we knew about for some time, Matthews International detailed plans to close the Richmond Casket Plant.  They filed their notice to the State about the forthcoming closure.  In that notice, Matthews cites that 122 people will be laid off and the closure and beginning of layoffs will start in May.  You can read more about the closing here.
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