InvoCare opens “Funeral Home of the Future” in Victoria, Australia

Australia’s leading provider of funeral and cremation services, InvoCare, announced on April 17th that their newest funeral home has been opened in Dandenong, Victoria.  According to their press release which you can read here, “Industry and consumer trends show customers are increasingly looking for a contemporary environment that provides a range of products and services, as well as an event style venue where they can celebrate the life of a loved one.”  The funeral home will operate under two of  InvoCare’s brands, White Lady Funerals and Le Pine Funerals.  You can go to this web-site to see new photos of the facility.

Again, according to the press release, the facility includes two arranging rooms, a viewing room, a celebration/memorial lounge with an outdoor decked area and a 170 seat non-denominational chapel.  The cost was US$ 2.65 million.  The press release also states that three criteria moving forward for InvoCare in their funeral homes of the future include technology, tailored space, and that environment matters.  The company, which has 270 facilities, plans to renovate 41 in Australia this year and complete work on 15 new locations that got underway in 2017.

Funeral Director Daily take:  I would suggest that you take a look at the web-site linked above to get some great photos of this new funeral home.  It is certainly open, airy, and inviting.  Although, the architecture is probably not conducive to all weather environments.  I do believe that today’s consumers are looking for something other than what I call the “heavy drape, heavy furniture” environment of many of today’s out-of-date funeral homes.

It is my opinion that in the next ten years we will see funeral homes spend millions of dollars on redevelopment of interiors to make sure that they have the type of facility that is inviting to the contemporary consumer.  If they don’t, they can be assured that someone else in the competitive environment will, and they will risk losing market share.

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