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Mortuary school enrollment jumps 24% in 2021, even bigger jump expected this year

By Funeral Director Daily / September 19, 2022 /

One of the few positives to come out of the Covid-19 pandemic may be the way that funeral directors were perceived by the public.  There’s no doubt that during the pandemic funeral directors were seen as unselfish heroes in many communities for the way they handled the high number of deaths. And it may be,…

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Michigan bill seeks to expand licensing requirements for funeral directors

By Funeral Director Daily / May 19, 2020 /

According to the Mackinac Center for Public Policy a bill has been introduced in the Michigan Legislature that would expand licensing requirements for funeral home directors.  The bill, House Bill 4437, is sponsored by Rep. Rodney Wakeman R-Saginaw Township and would require anyone practicing mortuary science to get a bachelor’s degree from select universities and…

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Article says Oregon “falls short” in death care inspections

By Funeral Director Daily / September 17, 2019 /

I came across a really good consumer information article the other day about the State of Oregon and its Mortuary and Cemetery Board.  The point of the article was an information topic on how the funeral home, cremation, and cemetery industry is regulated in that state.  You can read the article here. As my headline…

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Mount Ida Students Find a Home

By Funeral Director Daily / August 10, 2018 /

Last April Mount Ida College decided to close its doors for good.  Most students from the college were able to find continuing studies when the University of Massachusetts – Amherst acquired the campus.  However, that school does not have a mortuary science program and those students from Mount Ida College with partially completed degrees, in…

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