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Matthews Aurora spins off Canadian facility

In this press release issued by Victoriaville & Co. of Edmunston, New Brunswick, Canada, last week you can read about their acquisition of  Alliance St-Laurent Casket, previously a subsidiary of Matthews Aurora Funeral Solutions. According to a quote from Steve Gackenbach, Group President of Matthews Memorialization, “This divestiture represents a manufacturing consolidation as part of our integration of the Aurora Casket Company.  We continue to invest to deliver world class manufacturing capabilities and superior product quality at our core manufacturing […]


News to start the Week

It’s Monday morning and I thought I would bring you some news that hit the wire over the weekend.  Nothing new about this news. . . if anything it continues to reinforce the facts that cremation is increasing, people are still paranoid about funeral homes, and less caskets are being sold in America. Here’s is what we are bringing you and giving you the option of just clicking thru to the article to learn more. . . Residents of Portlandville […]


Matthews — Revenues, Dividend, Stock Price — All up!!

Matthews International, the Pittsburgh based consolidated company with a division in the death care industry that deals with memorials, cremation equipment, caskets, and more, had an interesting Friday after releasing their 4th quarter and year end earnings on Thursday.  You can see a press release of their results here. For the year the company reported record sales of over $1.6 billion, which is an $87 million (5.7%) increase over the previous year.  Matthews accounts on a fiscal year beginning on […]