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Are funeral home’s values getting hit with a “Double Whammy”

A sale, or commerce if you will, occurs when a willing buyer and a willing seller reach agreement on a price for a good or service and then that price is paid from the buyer to the seller to mark the transaction.  While we don’t always think of it in that term, transactions like this happen millions of times every day. . . . from the purchase of grocery items, to the purchase of fuel, to the purchase of businesses. […]


BOOX Research rates SCI as “underperform”

BOOX Research provided an article to Seeking Alpha about Service Corporation International (SCI) that you can read here.  It’s important to note that this is only one article by one researcher, but their complex analysis ends up with a going forward rating on the public death care company of “Underperform”. The very first page of the ten-page report, complete with diagrams and graphs, states “While we think this is a good business with solid financials, we think much of the […]


How Can Funeral Homes Sell “The Experience”?

Trends and surveys show us that the younger the person is in America the more apt they are to value “Experiences” over “Assets”.  It is an interesting subject to me – as a younger part of the Baby Boom generation – I’ve always valued assets and usually have watched my money on the experiences.  Experiences such as going to a Major League Baseball game — I’ve never bought the top price ticket — I’ve been satisfied with sitting in an […]