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Are you ready for 2021. . . ready, set, Buy!

Over the years I’ve moved from really long-range planning about my business to a method where I plan for shorter durations.  I think my move has coincided with many who have went from developing long range “strategic” plans to plans that are shorter in duration, less set in stone, and allow a business to be more flexible and nimble as situations change. I think that trend has come to business in just the last several years, simply because “change’ in […]


Could we have an LBO or Hostile Takeover in the Death Care Industry

One of the things that I find interesting about the death care industry is the continuing consolidation and spin-offs that seem to always occur.  Get a few funeral directors together and they are always talking about who is acquiring who. I’ve been around long enough to see upstart Prime Succession grow fast and then be courted by both the Loewen Group and Service Corporation International.  Loewen ended up with the company but could not fund the debt and Alderwoods was […]