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When grandma dies, how do we get the word out?

I served as a funeral director in a small town and when somebody died, the news got out.  There can be a difference between a death notice and an obituary or an obituary can serve as both.  In America we have closed over 2,000 newspapers since the year 2000 and many communities no longer have any local news coverage. So, how does the word get out that grandma died so that people can pay their respects at the visitation and […]


The convention conundrum

Funeral directors have always liked conventions.  I have great memories of Minnesota Funeral Directors Association (MFDA) conventions going back to the 1960’s.  My dad always attended for a day and for his family it was an opportunity to get to the big city (Minneapolis) stay at the downtown Radisson Hotel, and probably get to take in a Minnesota Twins afternoon game on Day 2 before heading for home that evening. My father worked a lot. . . taking care of […]

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Colorado legalizes human composting

I’ve said all along that as death care moves forward there will continue to be full service funeral homes, but there will also be a growing niche of death care disposition options available to the consumer public. Just last week Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed a bill into law that will make Colorado the second state in the United States to legalize human composting as a legal form of disposition of a dead human body.  The process of Natural Organic […]


Policygenius says “Life insurance prices continue to be stable”

Life insurance rates, at least for the time being, are holding stable regardless of the excess deaths due to Covid-19 in 2020.  A recent press release from Policygenius, that you can access here, says that “The May index shows life insurance pricing stability, despite an increase in the U.S. death rate evident in data recently released by the Center for Disease Control”. Policygenius, in their release state that “the U.S. death rate increased by nearly 16% from 2019 to 2020 […]


StoneMor CEO Joe Redling: “We’re targeting. . acquisitions of both cemeteries and funeral homes in our existing markets”

StoneMor, Inc. released its 1st Quarter financial results on May 13 and with it announced that they had completed their private offering of $400 million in Senior Notes.  There seems to be no doubt that the refinancing and operational results reported in the May 13 report have lifted the spirits of the company. Here’s what CEO Joe Redling said in the 1Q 2021 report, “Earlier this week, we completed a transformational transaction for the Company by fortifying our balance sheet […]

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Here’s an opportunity for your funeral home to make a little extra income

Covid-19 and the ramifications it brought with social distancing was tough on funeral and memorial services.  It was even more devastating to the wedding and wedding reception business. However, during the calendar year of 2020 most brides and grooms continued to take the plunge into matrimony. . . . they just did so without that large gathering and wedding reception. Because of that situation an interesting opportunity may exist for those in the funeral home business with the proper facilities […]

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Funeral Director Daily top read stories in the last 30 days

As has become our custom at the mid-point of each month, we give you a chance to see what stories you may have missed.  Here are the top read stories from Funeral Director Daily from April 15 to May 15. Mortuary school holds commencement in cemetery. SCI’s Tom Ryan: “. . .true earnings growth from funeral will require increased funeral services” Will this concept have staying power? Will preneed methods change? Black funeral directors believe that Covid may change funeral […]


Funeral home to open Speakeasy themed hospitality room

Several years ago progressive funeral homes opened their own hospitality rooms to be able to serve post-funeral meals and refreshments on their own premises.  Many of those funeral homes that have promoted that concept and have consumer friendly facilities for that purpose, not only have seen their rooms used and profitable, but they have been able to grow market share for death care services by having the rooms available. This week we learned that a funeral home in Tampa, Florida, […]


Batesville shows another strong quarter

Batesville, a division of Hillenbrand Industries, reported their Fiscal Year 2nd Quarter during the first week of May.  While the entire company revenue increased 11% year over year, Batesville, the funeral service side of the business, increased their revenue by over 20% to a quarterly volume of $166 million. Here’s what was said in the FY 2Q 2021 report about the Batesville segment of Hillenbrand Industries: “Revenue of $166 million increased 20% year over year driven by an increase in […]