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Does America’s death culture foreshadow a divided nation?

There’s a lot that America has been divided about lately. . . politics, Supreme Court rulings, reasons for inflation  — the list can go on and on.  The podcast Big Brains from the University of Chicago, which has the podcast transcript available on the link also, has an interview with anthropologist Shannon Lee Dawdy that questions if our emerging death care culture is predictor of this division. It’s an excellent podcast and/or read that I believe can help funeral directors […]

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CANA offers timely webinar on the DIY funeral

The Cremation Association of North America and Funeral Home Gifts brings you this timely webinar with potential CEU credits for you tomorrow, June 29, 2022.  Here’s what CANA had to say about the webinar in a recent press release: The do-it-yourself community has flourished in the years since the US economic crisis of 2008. DIY projects are directly tied to life changing events: a graduation, getting married, having a baby—and even the death of a family member. Unfortunately, this often […]

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Legacy.com exceeding growth expectations

According to SimilarWeb, Legacy.com had its website visited over 49 million times in April 2022 and ranked as the #1 website in its category of interest, Community and Society, in the United States.  Again, according to SimilarWeb, the company increased its reach by 4.77% over the month of March 2022. With those kind of numbers it is no wonder that Legacy.com has exceeded its growth expectations according to a recent press release. Legacy Pro, Legacy.com’s newest program to enhance the […]


Death care stocks down 18% Year to Date

I read this interesting article on Saturday morning from Yahoo Finance’s Morning Brief entitled “What to expect from a recession everyone sees coming“.  The author of the article makes this statement, “. . . recessions can be mild and short if the causes are anticipated and less systemic, and more severe and longer if they are unexpected and less intertwined with the core economy“. The article and the recent turbulence in the stock market gave me reason to look at […]

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The article from “D” Magazine

In writing Funeral Director Daily I take pride in keeping up with what is happening in the Death Care profession and industry.  And, even though the occupation and the choices it has for consumers faced with death of a loved one moves along at a fairly slow and methodical pace, there are changes to keep up with everyday. But sometimes things happening in the industry escape me for a time.  That’s why it was interesting for me to read this […]

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What everybody has been reading on Funeral Director Daily

We’ve burned through another month of feature stories at Funeral Director Daily.  If you have missed some of our feature stories, here are the stories that are readers viewed most often from May 16 through June 15. StoneMor agrees to Axar Capital Management buyout. Recognizing the “Cusp of Change” Security National’s 1st Quarter —  Memorial segment has revenue rise, but earnings decrease Two thoughts on the changing face of funeral service “Decision Fatigue”. . .do you put your client families […]

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Arbor Memorial named one of Canada’s “Best Managed Companies”

There is an insurance company that used to use the slogan “The Quiet Company”.  That company was, and still is, known as one of the most successful life insurance companies in America. . . . The “Quiet Company” claim came, at least to my way of thinking, from the idea that they used captive agents who did good old-fashioned client prospecting for the right type of clientele on an individual basis within a culture that was humble and quiet about […]


Producer Price Index just rose 10.8%. . how’s your business handling it?

Unless you have been living on the Space Station you’ve noticed prices in almost all things are moving up.  Housing prices, gasoline, groceries, service work, and even that cup of coffee or latte that you buy at Starbucks.  I’m old enough to have lived through this before in the 1970’s and early 1980’s. . . life will get back to normal, but just like in those days during the inflationary period there will be some businesses who fall victim and […]


What’s your leadership style? Does it work in this century?

Ray Dalio is the founder and co-chief investment officer of Bridgewater, the largest hedge fund in the world. He’s one of the 100 richest people on Earth.  Here’s what he says of leaders:  “Most people at the top of their profession made it there because they must be very smart and very capable. Of course, that enters into it. But it’s really how they deal with what they don’t know.” I read a couple of articles that dealt with leadership last […]


Seeking Alpha opines on Park Lawn Corporation

Last Friday when Funeral Director Daily published an article entitled “Is it time to buy funeral home stocks” unknown to us Seeking Alpha author Mat Litalien was publishing an article about Park Lawn Corporation.  It was entitled “Death and Taxes” and gives a synopsis of Park Lawn Corporation and he concludes his article by saying “For a stock like Park Lawn, management’s track record is an important factor in the company’s future success and the future looks bright for Park […]