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Who said, “Cemetery management is easy”?

By Funeral Director Daily / July 28, 2023 /

        For the most part, cemeteries are tranquil places where lot ownership, interments, and maintenance usually go off as planned and when they do people just don’t seem to notice all the good work and planning that has been done to accomplish that.  But, as this recent print and video news story…

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Selling a funeral home: What holds an owner back?

By Funeral Director Daily / June 28, 2023 /
estate agent giving house keys to woman and sign agreement in office

      Back in mid-May Funeral Director Daily published this article entitled “Thinking of an ownership transition? Here’s some straight-forward advice on getting started”.  It was an article predicated on advice from the folks at accounting and business strategy experts Clifton Larson Allen (CLA).   We recently noticed another article from the people at…

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Carriage Services: Carlos Quezada replaces Mel Payne as CEO

By Funeral Director Daily / June 26, 2023 /

      In this press release from last Thursday it was announced that some leadership position changes at publicly held funeral home and cemetery operator Carriage Services were underway.  First and foremost was the announcement that former company Chief Operating Officer and President Carlos Quezada was being promoted to the position of Chief Executive…

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PlotBox recieves capital investment

By Funeral Director Daily / June 13, 2023 /

      PlotBox, in this recent press release, announces that they have received a US$ 6.2 million capital investment from Guiness Ventures and other existing investors.  The press release states that the company,  “Headquartered in Northern Ireland with offices in the United States and Australia, . . . has grown over the last decade…

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What is a small business loan??

By Funeral Director Daily / June 7, 2023 /

    If you are in business, or want to be, you need to know more than the basics of finance.  There are all kinds of ways to raise money which includes bank loans.  Today our friends from Live Oak Bank take over the editorial duties at Funeral Director Daily and tell us the difference…

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Will Illinois bill set a precedent for the future of cremation remains

By Funeral Director Daily / May 19, 2023 /

    A reader of Funeral Director Daily recently sent me information on Illinois HB 1367 that is a bill under consideration in the state legislature of Illinois that the bill’s author states in this radio interview will (allow for a) “concept of how cremated remains are handled in the future”.   According to this…

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Burials on hold. . . . more problems at cemeteries

By Funeral Director Daily / May 12, 2023 /

    As we continue to see less and less full casket traditional burials at cemeteries, especially rural cemeteries, we have kept you apprised about some of the issues that these long-time, old-established cemeteries face.  Most of the time the issues are those of finances — such as not enough grave lot sales, interment sales,…

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Matthews, Carriage Services lead Death Care Index to 1Q 2023 gain

By Funeral Director Daily / April 3, 2023 /

    It’s been an interesting first quarter if you are invested in the stock market.  We’ve seen interest rates continue to rise and we’ve seen popular opinion on what that might do to technology companies vary.  In addition, we’ve seen technology companies reduce their workforce even as some of their stock prices have increased.…

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InvoCare rejects takeover bid. . . . Dignity plc company credit downgraded

By Funeral Director Daily / March 30, 2023 /

    This article from Business News Australia, that came out on Monday, March 27, indicates that Australia’s largest provider of death care services, InvoCare has rejected a non-solicited offer of  $Aus 1.8 billion (United States $1.2 billion) from American private equity player TPG Global made earlier this month.   According to the article, TPG…

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Park Lawn moves into Iowa and Nebraska with recent acquisition

By Funeral Director Daily / March 24, 2023 /

    Park Lawn Corporation (PLC) whose website now states, “is the fastest growing company in the industry in North America”, announced last week that they have moved into the states of Iowa and Nebraska with the acquisition of Meyer Brothers Funeral Homes.   Meyer Brothers Funeral Homes has, among their five locations, locations in…

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