SCI building funeral home on cemetery grounds in Virginia


This article from a recent edition of the Roanoke Times of Virginia mentions two funeral homes being built within a half-mile of each other in that community.  At Funeral Director Daily we found that intriguing because we have noticed that with the rise of interest rates coupled with the uncertain sense of large traditional funeral home use moving forward, it just doesn’t appear to us that funeral home construction, at least from our viewpoint, is raging on at a high volume at this time.


What we do see, however, is a sense that funeral homes within cemetery walls offer the potential for greater market share penetration via the convenience for the consumer to make use of both elements in a single property.  And, that is what Service Corporation International (SCI) is apparently making use of with the construction, according to the linked article, of a 7,000 square foot funeral home on the grounds of its Blue Ridge Memorial Gardens.


According to a quote from SCI in the article, ” (SCI) believes that having a full service, on-site funeral home provides a single destination for families to conduct the arrangements, memorial and graveside services.” 


The other funeral home being built that is mentioned in the article is an expansion to a new location for the Serenity Funeral Home and  Cremation Service.  That funeral home which is now located in downtown Roanoke is expanding, according to the article, into the former Terrace Theatre at Crossroads Mall.


The additional location for Serenity will offer 20,000 square feet of space as well as ample parking facilities which they mention they don’t have at their downtown location.  Dwight Steele, Sr. of the family owned Serenity said this when asked about the expansion, “Our business has really grown.”


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