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Homesteaders Life partners with Gather’s case management platform

By Funeral Director Daily / June 27, 2024 /

    Homesteaders Life Insurance Company of Iowa has been in the news a lot lately.  The preneed company that issued its first policy for final expenses in 1906 most recently announced in this press release that they have formed a partnership with Gather’s case management platform.   According to the press release,  “The new…

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Victoriaville & Co. to acquire Pennsylvania-based casket company

By Funeral Director Daily / June 21, 2024 /

  There is no doubt that the Death Care profession continues to consolidate and it is not only true of retail funeral establishments.  You can read in this press release about Victoriaville & Co. announcing that they are acquiring certain assets of the Schuylkill Haven Casket Company and Columbia Caskets Corporation.   Here’s what the…

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A Seeking Alpha opinion on the proposed Park Lawn sale

By Funeral Director Daily / June 14, 2024 /

  “The company’s attractive business model and growth potential made it appealing to private equity buyers.” . . That’s one of the three bullet point remarks about the proposed Park Lawn Corporation sale made at the beginning of this piece by Sandpiper Investment Research that was published Wednesday, June 12 by Seeking Alpha.   Here’s…

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It’s (almost) “Summertime and the Livin’ can be Easy” with Funeral 365

By Funeral Director Daily / May 23, 2024 /

  According to at least one website, George Gershwin’s 1934 song “Summertime” is the most covered song in the world.  And, with Memorial Day just around the corner the un-official opening of Summer is upon us.  Here’s a website where you can see the history of this song and how it has been performed over…

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Lots of issues. . . and opportunities in the cemetery business

By Funeral Director Daily / May 21, 2024 /

      When I think of the cemetery in my little community in Minnesota.  I’m guessing, like a lot of other communities that grew up in the American “Land Rush”, the city cemetery came out of necessity.   When a pioneer citizen died the custom, and more than likely, the religious way to take…

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Security National Financial Cemetery/Mortuary earnings rise 71%

By Funeral Director Daily / May 20, 2024 /

    There is no other way to say it other than to say that Security National Financial Corporation (SNFC) had a blow-out 1st Quarter of 2024 when it comes to Earnings.  The company’s Earnings Before Taxes jumped 507% as compared to the 1st Quarter of 2023.   Here’s part of what SNFC’s Chairman of…

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Here’s a unique way to blend land preservation with urn burials

By Funeral Director Daily / May 17, 2024 /

    Funeral directing company  A.W. Lymn of Nottinghamshire, Great Britain, has been giving the green light to construct an ancient style facility for the disposition of cremated human remains.  As this article maintains, “they have been granted permission for the first and only modern barrow site in the East Midlands”.   (Editor’s Note:  I…

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Park Lawn enters 2024 “Leaner” and more reliant on the “Funeral side”

By Funeral Director Daily / May 14, 2024 /

  Park Lawn Corporation revealed their 1st Quarter of 2024 financials last week and you can access them here.   The 1st Quarter of 2024 marks the first quarter of operations for the company coming off the disposition via sale to Everstory Partners of 72 cemeteries and 11 funeral homes that was consumated in December…

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SCI’s 1Q24 results point out some Death Care headwinds

By Funeral Director Daily / May 6, 2024 /

    Service Corporation International (SCI) reported their 1st Quarter 2024 financial results last week.  North America’s largest death care provider did show an increase in revenue of 1.6% to about $1.045 billion for the quarter, but showed Operating Income dropping 5.6% from the comparable 1st Quarter of 2023 and also showed a decrease of…

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Carriage Services CEO Carlos Quezada on 2023 Results: “. . instills confidence and excitement”

By Funeral Director Daily / March 1, 2024 /

  American funeral home and cemetery operator Carriage Services recently shared the results of their 4th Quarter and Year-End financials with the public.  In doing so, and in spite of a continuing COVID “pull forward” impact resulting in modest declines in funeral contract volume experienced during the year, the company reported total 2023 revenues 3.3%…

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