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Death Care stocks not immune to recent downturn

If you had any money in the stock market during 2021 it would have been hard not to grow your investment cache.  During the 2021 calendar year the three indices most commonly referred to as a bellwether of the markets, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the Nasdaq, and the S & P 500 were up 18.7%, 21.4%, and 26.9% respectively. And, if you had watched the Funeral Director Daily Death Care Index (DCI) you would see that index, which holds […]

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New Hampshire community delays “Green Burial” decisions

A New Hampshire community has again delayed – until at least Spring 2022 – the decision on an ordinance to allow “Green Burials” in two city owned cemeteries.  The City Manager of Lebanon City, New Hampshire, Shaun Mulholland, was quoted in this article from Valley News as saying, “This has gone on for two years now.  It really shouldn’t have gone on this long, quite frankly.” Mulholland was referring to the decision made in early December that the Lebanon City […]


Matthews sees Memorialization revenue increase, backlog in cemetery orders and delay in cemetery capex

Matthews International, the Pittsburgh based tri-partite conglomerate with the largest percentage of their sales in what they refer to as their “Memorialization Segment” saw an increase in total sales and Memorialization Segment sales for their 2021 Fiscal Year.  As you can see from this 4th Quarter (July, August, September) and Year End report sales in the Memorialization Segment increased from $656.0 million in FY 2020 to $769.0 million in FY 2021. . .that’s an increase of 17.2%. Included among many […]


StoneMor continues transformation according to 3Q results, comments on expected growth mode

StoneMor Inc., the Pennsylvania cemetery/funeral home consolidator and operator reported their 3rd Quarter results for 2021 earlier this week.  In a prepared statement, company CEO Joe Redling stated, “The third quarter continued to build on the positive performance trends of the past year and half, with top-line revenue growth of 13.2% and 19.2% for the three and nine months ended September 30, 2021, respectively, when compared with the same periods in 2020.” Here are some of those positive results as […]

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Reflections on “Our” world

Writing on “Death Care” gives me very wide latitude.  There’s a lot to it — and it’s not only about funerals and cremations, funeral homes and crematories, cemeteries and burials, but there is the finances of the industry, the manufacturing of the industry, the mortuary training of the profession, and all of the interesting people involved in the profession. “Our” world is also about history, society, movements within the industry like the increase of cremation that has went on for […]


Park Lawn keeps rolling along, CEO Brad Green comments

Publicly traded funeral home and cemetery operator Park Lawn Corporation (PLC) released their 3rd Quarter 2021 results last week and CEO Brad Green said this in a prepared press release statement, “The third quarter exceeded our expectations, especially given the continued decline of COVID-19 deaths served by our businesses. Despite this, we saw an increase in the number of families that we served in our comparable businesses in both our funeral homes and cemeteries. Likewise, we continued to see an […]

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Back to the Future

The World Series has been played for the past two weeks and I’m a baseball fan. . . and former little league coach.  I’m “Old School” and don’t particularly like the “data-driven” strategy decisions used in today’s game of baseball.  I like the past when you watched a hitter’s feet move to determine if they could hit a curve-ball rather than “check the charts”. In Death Care there is old-school also.  This article from Atlas Obscura portrays a wonderful picture […]


SCI’s 3Q Report continues solid run

Service Corporation International (SCI), the largest funeral home and cemetery operator in North America reported their 3rd Quarter 2021 financial results on Wednesday.  You can see them for yourself here. Here’s some of what Tom Ryan, Service Corporation’s CEO said of the 3Q 2021 results, “Today we are reporting another strong quarter with earnings . . . . .growth in adjusted earnings per share is primarily driven by significant increases in the revenues and gross profits of both our funeral […]


Security National’s Cemetery/Mortuary revenues up 28% in Q2

Security National Financial Corporation of Utah revealed their 2nd Quarter 2021 financial numbers earlier this month.  Total revenues for the entire company were actually down about 2% overall as their Mortgage Division saw an overall 8% decline in revenues as compared to the same quarter of 2020. However, the company’s Life Insurance division, which included preneed insurance and its Cemetery/Mortuary divisions both saw an increase in revenues which lowered that overall revenue loss to only 2%.  The Life Insurance Division […]


Improve your death care business by always learning more

If you have followed my articles for any length of time you know that I enjoy business and the many facets that enter into being a profitable company.  I like to think I know the funeral home business pretty well as I operated my own funeral home for 33 years creating budgets that lead to increased profitability almost every single year. However, I also have had the opportunity to be involved in other businesses in either an ownership capacity or […]