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Security National’s Cemetery/Mortuary revenues up 28% in Q2

Security National Financial Corporation of Utah revealed their 2nd Quarter 2021 financial numbers earlier this month.  Total revenues for the entire company were actually down about 2% overall as their Mortgage Division saw an overall 8% decline in revenues as compared to the same quarter of 2020. However, the company’s Life Insurance division, which included preneed insurance and its Cemetery/Mortuary divisions both saw an increase in revenues which lowered that overall revenue loss to only 2%.  The Life Insurance Division […]


Improve your death care business by always learning more

If you have followed my articles for any length of time you know that I enjoy business and the many facets that enter into being a profitable company.  I like to think I know the funeral home business pretty well as I operated my own funeral home for 33 years creating budgets that lead to increased profitability almost every single year. However, I also have had the opportunity to be involved in other businesses in either an ownership capacity or […]


StoneMor Inc. partners with Empathy. . . .Reports 2nd Quarter financials

StoneMor, Inc. the Pennsylvania based operator of cemeteries and funeral homes last week announced a partnership with end-of-life technology support start-up Empathy.  Empathy is, as they say, powered by technology and driven by purpose in helping grieving families handle countless tasks following the death of a loved one.  The company describes itself as “a service platform that helps families navigate the journey they face after losing a loved on.”  Here’s what StoneMor, Inc. CEO Joe Redling said in this prepared […]


Meet America’s seventh generation funeral firm, NextGen leadership survey

President James Monroe was one of the founding father’s of American history and from 1817 to 1825 he served as the country’s 5th President.  It was during his presidency that David Ross began building coffins in the Shanksville, Pennsylvania, area.  The legacy of that business, the Deaner Funeral Home recently celebrated its 200th year of business and now has its 7th generation member, Lindsey Deaner, working at the establishment. Sixth generation family member, Don Deaner, started working in the business […]


Matthews records record sales, casket sales drop off

Matthews International reported their 3rd Quarter 2021 sales recently and in doing so reported a record revenue for their 3rd Quarter (April-June) of $428.4 million, which is a 19.2% increase over the same period of 2020.  As you may know, Matthews International has three business segments, one of which is their Memorialization segment. The Memorialization segment of Matthews includes Matthews cremation and Aurora Casket Company as well as their cemetery memorial products division.  The segment recorded over 43% of total […]


Roosevelt Investments. . . our newest sponsor

As we move into August 2021, Funeral Director Daily wants to welcome Roosevelt Investments as our newest sponsor.  Our sponsors help finance our technology, security, and delivery system which allows for readers to receive Funeral Director Daily at no charge. Roosevelt Investments is a full service New York City investment firm whose roots date back over fifty years to when some of their earliest clients were the Roosevelt family and Youngs Memorial Cemetery where President Theodore Roosevelt is buried.  Building […]


Affinity programs and the funeral business

Recently a new Casey’s Gas and Convenience store opened near me.  Now, it is not the first Casey’s in our community, but it is very convenient to my home.  So, I purchase gasoline, coffee, donuts, and made to order pizza there more often than any other store in town.  I’m not a easy mark as an affinity card holder at different businesses, but the clerks convinced me to become a “Casey’s Member”.  Being a member, I get discounts, free cups […]

Finance Preneed

SCI sees 2Q 2021 Revenue per Service jump over $600 per case

Earlier this week the largest funeral home and cemetery operator in North America, Service Corporation International (SCI), revealed their results for the 2nd Quarter of 2021.  It was a much anticipated report as it would mark a comparison with the 2nd Quarter of 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic was flourishing and funeral homes and cemeteries were operating in a much more difficult and different world. As you might expect SCI’s “comparable funeral services performed” dropped 6.0% to 84,449 cases as […]

Cemetery Products

A new use for cemeteries

Over the history of successful products you will encounter many that the intended use for the product never developed into something big, but another use came into play, many times by accident, that worked out okay for the developers of the product. First, let’s take a quick look at some products that have became very successful somewhat by accident.  In the 1920’s an unknown disease caused cattle to spontaneously bleed to death.  It was discovered that these cattle had eaten […]

Afternoon Edition

Spotting trends. . . and wondering will they affect funeral service?

Editor’s Note:  I apologize for the tardiness of this article today.  This post was scheduled to go out as usual at 4 am Eastern Time, but for some reason, technology failed us.  Enjoy some thoughts to think about as we move into the weekend. My first trip to Europe in 1991 reminds me that I’m wrong lots of times with my instincts.  I chuckle when I think of it now, but at one of my first dinners in Germany I […]