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Propel Funeral Partners shows growth with 2022 Annual Report

By Funeral Director Daily / September 20, 2022 /

Propel Funeral Partners, the public company that owns and operates funeral homes, cremation facilities, cemeteries, and related infrastructure in Australia and New Zealand, announced their Fiscal Year 2022 (FY22) results in late August, and did so by showing growth all across their reporting numbers. The company that began in 2012 with 278 funeral services reported…

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Propel Funeral Partners reports 9 months of 2020

By Funeral Director Daily / May 18, 2020 /

Propel Funeral Partners, the Australian and New Zealand based operator of funeral homes and crematoria, reported last week that their revenue for the latest 9 month period had been AUS $ 85.0 million ($55.25 m in U.S. $) as compared to AUS $69.9 million (US$ 45.24 m) for the prior year.  That is a 22%…

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From the investment community: U.S. funeral costs, Australia funeral trends

By Funeral Director Daily / May 1, 2020 /

To roll into the weekend we thought we would give you some food for thought in the funeral industry from almost 10,000 miles apart.  Our articles today come from the investment community in both the United States and Australia.  Both are good, well thought out articles that deal with the world of death care in…

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Australia. . . the harbinger of things to come?

By Funeral Director Daily / June 11, 2019 /

The funeral and cremation profession in Australia is an industry that takes in about US $ 1.12 billion in revenue each year (all amounts in this article have been converted to U.S. values).  That’s only about 7% of the purported industry revenue of $16.3 billion that the United States death care profession reels in, however,…

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“Charging like raging bulls”

By Funeral Director Daily / June 10, 2019 /

Australian funeral customer Jane Sinclair has created a little bit of a stir down under by calling for more transparency in the way that client families are charged for funeral services.  Ms. Sinclair, according to this article from ABC Australia, complained months after the services were performed for her mother.  She is quoted as saying…

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Dignity Plc reports fewer services, lower profits

By Funeral Director Daily / May 16, 2019 /

Great Britain’s leading purveyor of death care services reported that for the first 13 weeks of 2019 that they have had fewer services and lower profits than the first quarter of 2018.  In a statement very similar to first quarter United States public death care companies, Service Corporation International and Carriage Services, Dignity Plc said…

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InvoCare adds two heritage funeral homes in New Zealand

By Funeral Director Daily / June 15, 2018 /

InvoCare Limited, the market leading funeral home firm in Australia, announced Friday that it will be closing on two acquisitions from the South Island of New Zealand on June 22.  You can read a clip about this from Motley Fool Australia here. The company will acquire Hope and Sons Funeral Directors in Dunedin and  Whitestone…

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