NFDA news you can use. . . a couple of California stories that break hearts

This afternoon we are bringing you some news from the National Funeral Directors Association as well as a couple of stories that we uncovered about death care in California that point out the tragedy of humanity in the lives of those less fortunate than many of us.

First of all, the National Funeral Directors Association has some information on the potential of what it calls a 37% tax increase to funeral homes if Payroll Protection Program expenses are not able to be deducted and also has some information on the upcoming vaccines and funeral professionals.

Our stories from California include a story of what is called “America’s Secret Cemetery of the Unknown” that deals with a completely filled cemetery near Holtville, California, where people are buried who may have died trying to enter America illegally.  According to the article, Terrace Park Cemetery will never have another interment. . . because it is full.  You can read that article here.

The other story out of California comes from Los Angeles County and is connected to the Boyles Heights Crematory.  It is another somewhat sad commentary on humanity.  The crematory holds cremated remains of people cremated for three years and then places those unclaimed remains in a mass grave for the cremains.  This year a service will be held virtually and then, as of the article publication, a total of 1,547 remains will be buried.  You can read the article here.

NFDA Article“Can you afford a 37% tax increase”

NFDA Article“Covid – 19 Vaccines:  What you need to know”

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