It’s time for the “Top Read” articles of the last 30 days


October turned out to be an unusual month at Funeral Director Daily.  After a slow methodical climb over a few years to reaching 18,000 monthly page views, the blog upped its count 62% in one month to a record of 30,143 page views!!!  However, that was because we found out what sitting at the top of a Google Search page can do for you. . . . and while we didn’t exactly go “viral” we did benefit from putting out a few articles on the movie “The Burial” that was released earlier in October.


Our Top 3 read articles for the month all had to do with articles about the movie. . . . as consumers searched for information on “The Burial“, many were directed to Funeral Director Daily. . . . These weren’t our typical “Death Care Professional” readers, but it was nice to have them —  if even for only one visit.  We now know that we will slowly come back to our base of about 18,000 monthly pageviews and continue our climb from there.


In the meantime, here’s the Top 5 “Most Read” Funeral Director Daily articles that were authored during the last month that had nothing to do with the movie:


  1. Park Lawn/Everstory agree on properties sale
  2. Titan names “Brand Ambassador”
  3. SCI execs give some insight to the “state of the business” in quarterly earnings call
  4. What’s with the tennis shoes?
  5. Indigent funerals and funeral home owner benevolence


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