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It was recently announced by Parting Stone, the company that pioneered solidified remains, and InvoCare, Australia’s leading death care provider, that InvoCare has invested $1 million in Parting Stone.  In addition, the two companies will partner to launch Parting Stone Australia, which will be Parting Stone’s first international laboratory.

Justin Crowe, founder and Chief Executive at Parting Stone said this about the development, ““We cannot think of a better partner at this stage in our growth.  Working with InvoCare’s team to launch Parting Stone Australia will help us design a roadmap for continued international expansion to bring solidified remains to more families around the world.”

Parting Stone’s process solidifies 100% of the remains following cremation into a form that can be touched and held by the families.  Solidified remains resemble smooth stones.  Cremated remains from a human will produce 40-60 of these stones.

According to the press release, InvoCare is the largest death care provider in Australia, serving about 21% of the country’s death care market.  They also have significant operations in the pet care space.  According to the press release, InvoCare brings to the partnership “capital, deep expertise in the human and pet death care spaces, a drive to innovate the death and dying experience, and a respected brand that aligns with the environmental and social impact ethos of Parting Stone.”  

Here’s what Tim Higgins, Executive General Manager – International, Strategy & Innovation said of the partnership, “. . . InvoCare’s
purpose is honouring lives and celebrating memories for generations – Parting Stone helps families to remember their loved one and maintain a beautiful connection that meets the growing need for personalization. . . .”

You can learn more about InvoCare here.

You can learn more about Parting Stone here.

Funeral Director Daily take:  What people do with cremated remains is an interesting topic.  The number who simply take the remains home in the plastic or cardboard container furnished by a cremation provider is hard to quantify.  Suffice it to say, however, that it is a substantial percentage that don’t make arrangements for an urn, earth burial of ashes, or columbarium placement at the time of death.

Parting Stone and their process which produces solidified remains is another option on the table that some families may deem the proper way for them to memorialize their loved one. . . . or their pet.

I think InvoCare’s investment and partnership signifies that they believe Parting Stone is a product that may satisfy the memorial needs that are not being met with current products.

Disclaimer — The author of this article is a shareholder in Parting Stone

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