Digital and online arrangements and artificial intelligence. . do we need to embrace it?



Our funeral home experts from the podcast “Two Guys and a Question” are back with what I thought was a really thought provoking commentary.  It seems like all we hear about now is “artificial intelligence” and in the death care field how that is going to lead to digital and online arrangements.


Our experts Alan Creedy and Danny Jefferson discuss in a short 8-minute podcast which you can access here, are there better ways to go about this. . . or do we just give in to “digital and online” arrangments?


Creedy and Jefferson will acknowledge that some things are changing and that there is clientele that wants simple, online, impersonal arrangements.  But they also question, “Is that what everybody wants?”. . . . . . These experienced funeral home experts tell us that there are 129 million American families in our country.  What would happen if instead of leaving it to digital and online we would shower them with more service, better communication, and more face to face interaction?


That’s a great question to discuss. . . .and Creedy and Jefferson do so on this edition of “Two Guys and a Question”.


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