Come together . . . . .The Domani Group and Homesteaders Life Company

The other day we received a press release announcing that “The Domani Group joins forces with Homesteaders Life Company”.  In that release, which you can read here, it announced “The Domani Group, a leader in preneed and aftercare solutions for funeral homes, is pleased to announce it is joining forces with Homesteaders Life Company.”  

This announcement came on the heels of our story on Monday that mentioned Providence Equity Partners and their experiencing in partnering funeral technology companies to bring greater value to the companies via shared resources and economies of scale.  In our opinion, that type of marriage, that brings expertise from all partners to the combined entity or entities will continue to be good for all parties concerned and good for the profession as well.

While we don’t know all of the answers from the press release, it appears that Homesteaders will take an equity stake of some sort in Domani that we surmise from this sentence in the press release, “Homesteaders has made a financial investment in Domani, which gives Homesteaders-affiliated funeral homes and marketing partners exclusive access to Doman’s best-in-class preneed appointment setting center and custom built Salesforce CRM.”

According to Jon Lefrandt, the Domani CEO, “This alliance will also enable us to continue to accelerate our growth and develop new ways to help funeral homes cater to shifting consumer preferences.

Again, according to the press release “Homesteaders’ investment will help Domani bring its innovative and highly successful products and services to the market on a grander scale.  This strategic relationship will also ensure not only that the current offering remains best-in-class, but also to develop new tools that will help funeral professionals and consumers connect and engage in new and meaningful ways for years to come.”

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Related:  When researching Domani Group we came across this article from their web-site entitled, “Top 6 Funeral Innovations to Consider in 2020″.  We found it to be interesting reading and pass it on for your enjoyment and knowledge.

Funeral Director Daily take:  Homesteaders Life Company has been a solid national preneed company for a long time.  It is a mutual company owned by its shareholders that has delivered its preneed products as a tool for funeral homes in working with their clientele for years.  In some ways I would call it the traditional old-style, bread and butter, insurance product company.

Sometimes companies like that, while realizing they are solid going-concerns have a trepidation in going into new technology based applications.  We give Homesteaders a lot of credit in recognizing that dealing with a new world technology company might be exactly what is needed to fuel a rocket.  Too often, old world companies are scared of that commitment.  We’re glad to see Homesteaders move forward here and believe that their funeral home partners and consumer clientele will benefit also.


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