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Cleaning off the desk. . . .items to ponder for the long weekend

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America moves into the Labor Day weekend today which generally signals for our family that Summer is coming to an end and it is “Back to School” time.  For us that historically has meant boats off the lake and put into storage for the winter and our two sons heading back to school.

Well, it’s been an unusual summer in that low water because of a Minnesota drought caused us to pull our boats off the lake early. . . although the drought has been broken by several inches of rain over the last two weeks.  And, this year is unusual as, after about 22 years of “Back to School”, our youngest graduated from college in May so we have no one to drop off this Fall. . . It just seems a little different.

For Labor Day weekend with Funeral Director Daily I’m cleaning of my desk and putting information that death care professionals might find interesting to look into in this edition.  Take a look at what we have put out in information that you may be able to use.  Here’s what we have:

From our friends at Clifton Larson Allen:

Here’s an article entitled “Tax Surprises with Work-from-Home Policies

Here’s another article entitled “Biden’s tax rate increases could mean noticeably less after-tax proceeds for sellers

From our friends at the National Funeral Directors Association:

Upcoming Cremation Certification Program — Up to 7 CEU credits.  Beginning September 9 and 10.  Explanation and Registration

NFDA free webinar:  “The Yearly Show“.  One CEU – Wednesday September 8.  This webinar will help you understand consumer wants and values in order to provide those services to them.  It will also enhance your position in the community as a Death Care expert.  Explanation and Registration.

NFDA Free Webinar:  “Success or Failure in Five letters:  EBIDA’s Impact n Growth and Succession.”  Wednesday, September 15.  Sponsored by Live Oak Bank.  Explanation and Registration.

From our friends at Johnson Consulting and J3Tech Solutions:

Free webinar in conjunction with  “The Obituary – Your greatest marketing asset.”  Tuesday, September 7.  Information and Registration.

Information on J3Tech Solutions “Performance Tracker“.  See what “Knowing the data” can do for your funeral home.  Information

From our friends at Funeral Directors Life:

Funeral Directors Life two-day seminar entitled “Reignite your Passion.”  The virtual “Reignite Summit” will be presented on September 21 and 22.  Information and Registration.

From our friends at Domani for Grief:

A Virtual remembrance of 9/11 commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the attack.  To be held on Wednesday, September 8.  Information and Registration.

More news from the world of Death Care:

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