Another acquisition story . . . except this one’s going the other way



It’s pretty common place to read in Funeral Director Daily and other Death Care publications about the national and regional funeral home and cemetery consolidators announcing another acquisition.  However, when we were catching up with our reading a few days ago we noticed an acquisition. . . .that was “going the other way”.


You can read in this article from the Marshall (Texas) News Messenger that the Cammack family, owners of Longview, Texas’ Welch Funeral Home recently acquired the Sullivan Funeral Home in Marshall, Texas, from public company Carriage Services.  According to the Welch Funeral Home and Sullivan Funeral Home website, the Sullivan funeral home was purchased by Carriage Services in 1999 and on January 31, 2023, the Cammack family purchased it from Carriage Services to return it to local family ownership.


It’s a great reminder that as companies move forward sometimes priorities change.  For whatever reason, Carriage Services was willing to sell the Sullivan Funeral Home and now the Cammack family will have plans for its operation.  If you are a smaller operator looking to grow don’t hesitate to talk to the big national and regional companies in your area.  For many reasons, they may be willing to sell a property that doesn’t fit with their newest priorities . . .and that might help your business grow.


Here is the website of the Cammack Family mortuary businesses.


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