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Today’s afternoon edition of Funeral Director Daily brings you stories about two men on a mission.  And, these men live and work in separate hemispheres but both have found a calling among the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our first story is that of Brother Ronald Marin and comes to us from the Catholic publication, Crux.  Brother Marin is a Venezuelan who is spending time administering funerals in the cemeteries of Lima, Peru.  It is estimated that more than a quarter of the Peru capital city’s population has been infected with the coronavirus and Brother Marin is finding that there is much to do.  You can find his story here.

Or second story comes to us from Spectrum 1 News of Lexington, Kentucky.  It tells the story of Chris Jefferson, who has found a new calling during quarantine.  When visiting a cemetery earlier this year he noticed so many monuments in disrepair.  He then researched the proper way to clean headstones , bought brushes, and went into business.

Jefferson charges for his services but will not turn down a job for a family that cannot cover the cost.  He has a lofty goal of serving all towns and cities in Kentucky and he is on a pilgrimage to reach that goal.  You can read of his story here.

More news from the world of death care:

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