Afternoon edition: Consumer thoughts on funeral arrangements, more

I read an article from what appears to be a well educated writer/consumer entitled “A Parting Gift:  Navigating the difficult world of funeral costs” the other day.  It concerned the death of a 31-year old and the young adults who had to make the death care decisions that were quickly thrust upon them.  You can read that article here.

While I don’t agree with everything they had to say, there is probably lots to learn for funeral home owners from their experience.  And, it is interesting to note that for these young people, price transparency seems to be the number one suggestion they have from their experience.

So, we are not only including that article in our afternoon edition, but we are also including an article on the Australian company created for price transparency, ezifuneral, and the website for an American company trying to do the same thing, Funeralocity.  It is also interesting to note, that the Federal Trade Commission is probably deciding the merits of price transparency as law in its Funeral Rule review this summer.

We are also bringing you articles concerning a Minnesota funeral where a high percentage of the attendees have caught COVID-19 and a video and article on a Laredo, Texas, crematory that has been billowing black smoke, for what some say, has been days.

News from the world of Death Care:

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