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In our continuing effort to bring our readers and their friends and colleagues information that is not only timely, but practical, we bring you the following information on webinars and other information. Please note that one of our webinars that is highlighted is live TODAY at 3:00 pm Eastern Time and 2:00 pm Central time.  It is offered by Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company (FDLIC) and, fortunately, if you miss it today you can probably see it starting tomorrow in […]


Coronavirus illness among staff closes funeral home

This was bound to happen so we probably should not be surprised by this headline.  However, it still seemed surreal to me when I read in this article from the Arizona Daily Star that a Tucson, Arizona, funeral home had been closed due to “a number of staff” members falling ill and being required to self-quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world. The article tells of the Adair Funeral Home on North Dodge Boulevard in Tucson that had […]


Attorneys general call for enhanced consumer protection

As you may well know, the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) “Funeral Rule” is up for review at this time.  The FTC has also extended the deadline for interested parties to submit comments to the agency to June 15, 2020, from the original April 14, 2020 date. The FTC Funeral Rule was first enacted in 1982 and follows the FTC’s guidelines to promote competition, and protect and educate consumers.  According to this article from the Daily Independent of Peoria, Arizona, “The […]


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In our continuing effort to get out information that has some relevancy to the death care industry we pass along this information.  Please feel free to share this information with your co-workers and colleagues. CLA Livestream Series: Liquidity Strategies during the lending pause.  This comes to us from the solutions experts at Clifton Larson Allen.  This event was livestreamed last week, but is available in a video format should you want to access it. Connecticut Funeral Director’s Association extends Scholarship […]


News Death Care Professionals can use

I continue to be on the learning end of the equation while I am sheltering in place at home.  Last Friday I was able to take part in a National Funeral Directors Association webinar featuring two seasoned veterans of the profession and how they are dealing with all things COVID-19 as it pertains to their businesses and the changing face of funeral service. Thanks again to all of you who share the information with others in our industry and help […]

Business Regulations

Great Britain funeral directors fight family ban at cremations

According to this article in the Examiner Live from the United Kingdom, British funeral directors from the West Yorkshire area, that area administrated by the Kirklees Council, are disappointed that the Kirklees Council has taken a position that no mourners may be present at the crematorium for services of a loved one. The article states, that at least according to the date of the article this past weekend, that the (British) National Funeral Directors Association says COVID-19 instructions from Public […]


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Last week Funeral Director Daily realized it could make a difference getting out information, mostly pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic and our profession.  Over a few days we attempted to aggregate information that could be useful to people in the death care professions and use our subscription base to blast that information out. Thanks to our subscribers who then disseminated the information further to their co-workers and business associates the information got out and probably helped someone somewhere.  We will […]

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Today’s information for funeral professionals

Again, during this COVID-19 pandemic we want to thank our readers for continuing to disseminate information that is helpful to the death care profession.  Here are a couple of items that we have for you today. Webinar: How to continue to serve client families remotely.  This webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, April 8 at 2 pm Eastern Time – 1 pm Central Time.  It is hosted by Corey Tullier, a licensed funeral director and key account representative at CRaKN.  Over […]


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Thanks to all of our readers who have passed on information that they have found in our daily updates concerning death care professionals and news they need to know about the COVID-19 situation we are reaching more and more people who can use the information.  When you see an update that you believe can be used please pass it on to those who may benefit from it. World Health Organization (WHO):  Infection Prevention and Control for the safe management of […]


Information updates for death care professionals

We just want to give a huge thank you to our subscription list across the world.  Each day during the COVID-19 situation we are trying to get out information, that may be pertinent to you in your own situation, about the pandemic as it relates to the death care profession.  We are so thankful that so many of you are passing along our lists of valuable information to others in the profession. Personally, I have been able to watch three […]