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As we head into the weekend I’m clearing off my desk and have some information from some of our favorite friends at Clifton Larson Allen, Roosevelt Investments, and the National Funeral Directors Association that may be of interest to you.  In addition, I’m throwing a couple of articles out there that are not necessarily death care related but are business related in general and I thought readers may find them interesting.  Those articles deal with baby boomer business sellers and the idea of paying employees as an incentive to get the COVID-19 vaccine both so there is no financial hurdle to getting the vaccine and so that they will be better assured of a virus-free workplace in order to put consumers at ease.

Finally, there are just a couple of notes that show how businesses have been or are trying to acquire customers through the pandemic in different sorts of ways.

Here is an article from Clifton Larson Allen concerning a potential second draw on Payroll Protection Program loans.

Click here to learn more about, and register, for a webinar from Roosevelt Investments.  The event will be held on Thursday, January 21, and is entitled, “A Stand-out year –What we think 2021 will Bring”.

Click here to listen to Episode 20 of NFDA’s “A Brush with Death” podcast series.  Episode 20 is entitled “Funeral Finance” and features Tim Bridgers from Live Oak Bank, Kathleen Ervin of Heartland Payment Systems, and host Gabe Schauf.


  • Here is an article (I hope you don’t get a paywall for it) from columnist Lee Schaffer of the Minneapolis Tribune.  The title of the article is “It may not look like the right time, but plenty of baby boomer business owners head for the exit.”  From my point of view it is a timely article, not only for general business, bur for the funeral business as well simply because of the high number of baby boomers that own their own businesses.


  • Here is an article and video story from CNN pertaining to the company Dollar General and its decision to give bonuses to employees who go through with receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.  It mentions that to incentivize employees to get the vaccine the company will pay a one time bonus of 4 hours of pay to each employee that goes through with the vaccination.

Final Items:

**Proving we are working at home:  From March through October sales of dress shoes dropped 60%.  However, slipper sales have increased 70% in the same time period. . . .led by a high rate of increase by Crocs.

**Uber and Lyft are both trying to acquire new clientele during the pandemic by asking the federal government to pay for rides for Seniors to receive their COVID-19 vaccinations.  To date there has been no action on this request, but both companies feel that by understanding how they operate they believe they could make regular users of their services out of these Seniors.

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