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I’m not a bah, humbug type of guy. . . .I actually love the holidays. . .all of them.  However, shopping for a Christmas tree, dragging it home, and getting it set up is not one of my favorite things to do.  I should be grateful because Angie does all the hard work like decorating the tree and the house. . . . my only jobs are to get the tree home and get the tree set up for her to begin to do that.

Yesterday was the day. . . . .any one of a hundred trees on the lot would have sufficed for me. . . however, we spent time wondering around the lot  just to find the right one!  We, evidently, finally found just the right one, I had the pleasure to pay for it, get it in the SUV, and get it set in the stand in our living room. . . .Angie will take it from there!!!  So that milestone for the year is done!

Today I’ll share with readers some of the things that I’ve got on the desk and some interesting articles that I’ve recently seen about the death care profession.  We are going to start with some generosity coming from, an announcement from our friends at Roosevelt Investments, and another article from Clifton Larson Allen intimating that Congress could overturn the Treasury guidance on Payroll Protection Plan expense deductibility.

This press release that you can read from explains that they recently helped the Funeral Service Foundation by participating in a matching donation campaign with the non-profit.  According to the press release, $45,000 was matched by this year and a total of $225,000 has been raised for the foundation in the past five years. is the global leader in online obituaries with over 40 million visitors each month.  The company provides support and obituary-related services to more than 1,500 newspapers and 3,500 funeral homes in the Unites States, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

The Funeral Service Foundation has served as the philanthropic voice of the funeral profession since 1945 and has identified as the charitable arm of the National Funeral Directors Association since 1997.

You can read this article which explains that New York City based Roosevelt Investment Group, Inc., a boutique wealth advisory firm with over 30 years of experience working with cemeteries, funeral homes, and their owners has announced an agreement under which CI Financial Corporation will acquire 100% of the firm.  Based in Toronto, CI Financial is one of the largest independently owned firms offering global asset management and wealth management advisory services in Canada.

Roosevelt Investments is a boutique wealth management firm located in Midtown Manhattan with more than 30 years of experience providing comprehensive financial planning and asset management services to cemeteries, funeral homes, and their owners.  In addition to managing perpetual care and preneed trust assets, Roosevelt’s experienced team provides cemetery and funeral home owners with financial, estate, retirement, succession, and exit planning services.

In this article from Clifton Larson Allen you can read about the possibility that they believe Congress may override the Internal Revenue Departments November 18th decision affecting deductibility of Payroll Protection Plan (PPP) expense deductibility.

According to the article, Clifton Larson Allen state that a decision for Congress to act will probably be known by December 11.

As you many know, the November 18 decision, Revenue Ruling 2020-27, sets forth the determination that the a PPP borrower may not deduct eligible expenses on its 2020 tax return if the borrower has a “reasonable expectation” that it PPP loan will be forgiven.

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