Weekend edition: A little heavy on cemetery and virtual funeral news. . .but some weekend reading for you

This weekend edition of Funeral Director Daily leads off with a great story you can access here.  It is a story written by Isabella Jibilian for Business Insider.  Jibilian describes herself as a graduate student who sought out management at Fernwood Cemetery so she could write about the high cost of real estate which, down the real estate ladder, she thought would probably affect the price of a grave space.

She says, however, her visit and tour of the cemetery caused her to believe something different and more interesting.  She says that she discovered a small movement looking to shake up America burial practices and make them environmentally friendly.

Our other stories all rally around issues, not necessarily good, at cemeteries and a couple of articles on how social distancing has affected and hastened the advent of distance or virtual funerals.

It’s August, the living is easy, and at least in my native Minnesota. . . the best part of the summer is here.  Enjoy the weekend!

More news from the world of Death Care:

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