Tune in to this seminar that will help with recruiting and retaining top talent


In timely fashion we bring you this information on an NFDA (National Funeral Directors Association) webinar to be held tomorrow, Wednesday, February 7.


We say “timely” because it was just this morning that our Funeral Director Daily topic was that of employees and, specifically, employee wages and what is happening in the macro-environment around that issue.


NFDA’s Wednesday webinar is entitled “Navigating the future of Funeral Service:  Strategies for recruiting and retaining top talent.”


On their registration page, here’s how NFDA describes the topic:  “Embark on a compelling journey with us as we host a thought-provoking panel discussion on the pivotal subject of talent acquisition and retention within the funeral service industry. In this webinar, our distinguished panel of funeral directors will provide invaluable insights, sharing their perspectives on the triumphs and tribulations encountered in the process of building dynamic and cohesive teams.”


The presenters are three people who have been there — funeral home operators Jeff Smith, Randy Anderson, and Carmalita March-Harris.  As owner/operators they have had the experience to understand the importance of employee selection, recruitment, and retention.


The webinar is free for NFDA members and carries a 1 credit hour CEU.  It is scheduled for Wednesday, February 7, at 1:00 PM Central Time (2 pm Eastern Time)


To learn more and/or register click here.


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