There’s many good people out there

I’ve been a licensed funeral director for about 42 years and in that time I’ve seen all kinds of situations.  I’ve served families that are included in the Forbes 400 wealthiest in America and I’ve served families where some of the survivors didn’t know where they would be sleeping that night.

Suffice it to say that there are all kinds of situations that happen to the good people of the United States.  Some have seemed pretty callous and even when they have ample money to memorialize their loved one, just don’t seem to be interested in doing so.

And, on the opposite side of the equation, I’ve served families that truly loved and respected the deceased and wanted to honor them in the best way possible, but didn’t know how they could finance what they wanted to do.

Many times my job was to make the family satisfied by being able to facilitate the kind of services they wanted to the best of our ability with the resources that they had available.  And, over the years it was pretty hard for me not to figure out a way to help. . . even if the service would not be highly profitable.

For a little extra reading over the weekend I bring you this recent article from ESPN.  It explains the story of how a family wanted to memorialize their father but resources were scarce to them.  In an odd twist of fate, seemingly out of nowhere, the resources showed up for them to do just that.

Here’s the story. . .I think you will enjoy the read.  Have a great weekend.

The remarkable day that J.J. Watt paid for a funeral.

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