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Funeral stocks continue solid climb

As of last Friday, June 4, we were over five months into the 2021 calendar year.  Funeral Director Daily decided it was time to take a look at where the Death Care stocks were in relation to the stock market indices up to that day. What we found out is that the stocks of companies that comprise the Funeral Director Daily Death Care Index (DCI) continue to show a positive movement — and even higher growth than the indices of […]


Security National Memorial segment increases revenue by 15%

Security National Financial Corporation, the Utah based financial and death care company showed a total company decrease in revenue for the 2019 1st Quarter as compared to the same quarter in 2018.  You can see their 1st Quarter report here which was made public on May 16. However, even as the company experienced a decrease in total revenue and income they did show solid year over year gains, both in revenue and earnings, in their Memorial segment, which consists of […]


What’s Happening in the Pre-Need Market

It is interesting for me to speculate on what is happening in the Pre-Need insurance market.  While I have access to some statistics – it is by all means when considering the national perspective – a small sampling size.  However, I do see a couple of things trending that I would indicate that the Pre-Need death care market could be up for some challenges. The first thing that I have noticed – and it doesn’t take a genius to understand […]