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Death Care Index mirrors NASDAQ on the year

As we move into the final month of the calendar year it seems like no one has the financial markets figured out.  In a year of rising inflation and rising interest rates, raised with the intention of curbing the inflation, the stock market indices have looked confused as to whether the worst is past or is yet to come.  The major indices have all dropped on the year — from a 5.7% loss year-to-date for the Dow Jones Industrials to […]

Afternoon Edition

Top-read articles for the past 30 days

We’ve already passed the mid-point of November and that means that Funeral Director Daily will go back over the past 30 days and let our readers catch-up with the Top Read articles in that time period. And, we are happy to tell you that we seem to have passed a point where we now consistently have over 15,000 monthly page-views on a rolling 30-day basis.  That’s a long way from where we started and in just the past 26 months […]


Park Lawn Corporation reports 3rd quarter — mixed results

The 3rd Quarter of 2022 has shown a trend of less deaths than the comparable 3rd Quarter of 2021.  As a matter of fact, as you can see from this report from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), provisional deaths for 3Q 2022 numbered 751,497 as compared to 874,495 in the same quarter of 2021.  That’s a decline of 14.1%. And, that decline in deaths has resulted in a decline in revenues for public company death care companies.  However, Park […]


SCI reports 3Q revenue decline. . .CEO Ryan “These results significantly exceeded our expectations”

North America’s largest business in the death care industry, Service Corporation International (SCI) reported their 3rd Quarter 2022 financial results earlier this week.  The results show a decline of about 5.5% in total revenues for the quarter as compared to the same quarter of 2021.  The 3Q 2022 revenue number was $977.7 million as compared to the 3Q 2021 revenues of $1.034 billion.  You can see all of the financial results in this press release. The company also reported Net […]


Service Corporation International opinion from Seeking Alpha

Last week the Valkyrie Trading Society wrote an article for Seeking Alpha entitled “Service Corporation International:  Feeling minimal pressures”.  You can access the article here. Here are three take-aways from that article: The themes are that COVID-19 pulled forward mortality, making 2020 and 2021 strong years for Service Corporation International. There is also commentary around reduced discretionary spending, which is affecting the very cash and margin generative pre-need business and merchandise and services. Nonetheless, the pressures are quite small and […]


SCI 2Q 2022 shows small increase in revenue, decrease in Operating Income

Last week the largest public company in the death care space, Service Corporation International,  reported their 2022 2nd Quarter and Half-Year financial results.  For the quarter which encompasses the April thru June 2022 calendar dates, company wide revenue rose to $990.9 million as compared to the same period of last year which totaled $987.5 million. . . that’s an increase of about 3.4 million or just 0.3% over the 2021 number. In addition, Operating Income for the quarter dropped from […]


Seeking Alpha feature article rates Service Corporation a “Buy”

According to this press release from Service Corporation International (SCI) the company is scheduled to announce the financial results of their 2nd Quarter of 2022 on Tuesday, August 2.  Prior to that however, last week author Daniel Jones of Seeking Alpha penned an opinion article on the company and rated the company a “Buy” in his opinion. Here’s what he said in conclusion of that article, “Based on the data provided, it looks to me as though Service Corporation International […]


Is it time to buy funeral home stocks?

Earlier this week I read this article from Yahoo Finance authored by Brian Sozzi.  The article is entitled “Consumers have to face that nasty inflation is here to stay for awhile”. The article goes on to mention that, at least in Mr. Sozzi’s opinion, skilled workers are too few in number to meet the needs of post-pandemic businesses and that is leading to wage inflation.  He doesn’t see a stop to that phenomena in the short term and for that […]


SCI reports 1st Qtr 2022. . . . Preneed hitting on all cylinders

Service Corporation International (SCI), North America’s largest grouping of funeral homes and cemeteries reported their 1st Quarter 2022 financial results last week.  The company reported increased total sales of 3.2% which resulted in 1Q 22 revenue of $1.112 billion as compared to the 1st Quarter of 2021 where they reported sales of $1.077 billion.  That’s an increase of over $34 million in sales for the quarter as compared to last year. The results came on the heels of a reported […]


SCI as an investment

Last week Seeking Alpha published a fact and opinion article on Service Corporation International (SCI) entitled “Service Corporation International:  An under the radar wealth generator”.  The article was one of the most in-depth pieces I have seen on SCI, its operations, and its potential as an investment. You can access the article here. From my point of view it is an excellent article to read, especially if you operate a funeral home.  Again, from my point of view, much like […]