It has to work for everyone

By Funeral Director Daily / November 16, 2023 /

Over my lifetime I’ve learned that if something can work for everyone involved it’s probably a good thing.  Getting “it” to work out for everyone is probably one of the problems we have with health insurance. . . . something that might work for the physicans maybe doesn’t work for hospitals or maybe something that…

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Podcast: Talking funeral plans with Avalon Funeral Plans

By Funeral Director Daily / September 27, 2023 /

  Prior to the July 2022 regulations put into place by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in Great Britain there was little in the form of regulation for Preneed funeral plans in that country.  Preneed can be done a little differently than in the USA in Great Britain, but there is much to be learned…

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Paying for your funeral with your HSA. Why not?

By Funeral Director Daily / August 23, 2023 /

  Last December I was welcomed into the world of Medicare.  Prior to that I had either had my health insurance paid for by the business I was working for or, since I sold our funeral home, paid for it out of my own pocket on an individual plan basis.  Quite frankly, Medicare and its…

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Does dementia reduce “funeral spend”

By Funeral Director Daily / August 11, 2023 /

    “Out of sight, out of mind”.   That’s a refrain I’ve heard often.  Generally, it refers to when you have not seen somebody or something for a length of time then that person or that thing falls out of your thought process.  It’s common sense and it happens.   At Funeral Director Daily…

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End-of-Life “Purpose” insurance seems to be moving toward Pre-Need

By Funeral Director Daily / July 27, 2023 /

    When you think of End-of-Life “Purpose” insurance there are two basic types.  First, there is Pre-Need which is generally sold by funeral or cremation providers with the death benefit proceeds going directly to those providers to pay for services that have been pre-planned by the purchasers or their caretakers.   Then there is…

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Another argument for Preneed. . . .

By Funeral Director Daily / July 13, 2023 /

      Americans are taking a loan, early withdrawal, or hardship withdrawal from their retirement plans at record rates according to this article from Yahoo Finance.  And, one of the top reasons why, according to the survey, is to pay for a funeral.   According to the survey released by by the non-profit Transamerica…

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Preneed Marketing: What age to aim at?

By Funeral Director Daily / June 14, 2023 /

    When a company commits marketing dollars to a specific purpose they want to make sure that those dollars move the needle  as far as they can.  So, a topic I’m interested in is at what age should a funeral home start putting preneed marketing in front of a potential client?   I’m certain…

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Do Death Care consumers trade down in a weak economic environment?

By Funeral Director Daily / May 31, 2023 /

      Has the death care community ever studied if, when faced with economic difficulties, the purchase of death care such as funerals, caskets, cremations, and other services reflect those economic times or do the vast majority of death care consumers select the disposition option, such as burial and cremation, that is most meaningful…

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Carriage Services announces national preneed partnerships

By Funeral Director Daily / May 22, 2023 /

    It was less than three weeks ago, on May 4, when listeners of Carriage Services earnings call got an idea that something was going to be decided in the way that the company handled their preneed business.  In that call, of which you can read the transcript here, Vice-Chairman, President and Chief Operating…

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Mexican funeral firm alleges fraud against U.S. company in purchase

By Funeral Director Daily / April 11, 2023 /

    Disagreements can be a part of any transaction.  Today I’ll touch on a lawsuit that was filed last week that once again shows the importance of due diligence being necessary in any transaction.   Last week we learned through this Wall Street Journal article that Mexican funeral service provider Servicios Funerarios had filed…

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