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Assurant closes sale of Global Preneed unit to CUNA Mutual Group

In a follow-up to what Funeral Director Daily reported in March, this press release will inform you that Madison, Wisconsin, based CUNA Mutual Group has closed on its acquisition of Assurant Global Preneed.  The press release states that the purchase price was approximately $1.35 billion. Assurant CEO Alan Colberg said this in the release, “This sale marks an important milestone in the transformation of Assurant, sharpening our focus on our market-leading lifestyle and housing businesses, and better positioning our company […]


Technical difficulties, Seeking Alpha opinion on Service Corporation

To our readers:  Before we get into our feature article of the day I want to apologize to readers who did not receive distributed copies of Funeral Director Daily last Wednesday and Thursday.  Unfortunately, we ran into issues where we simply outgrew our former distributor of Funeral Director Daily emails, Twitter, and Facebook postings.  The growth is good, however, we were not prepared for this happening and so I apologize to our readers for the problem.  There were three articles […]


This should never happen

Chalk this incident up to “This should never happen” but it did.  In this article from the Bucks County Courier Times of Pennsylvania we learn of the tale of Richard Geisinger who died in 2013.  The article tells the story of how Mr. Geisinger, who had pre-arrangements for a casketed burial, was instead cremated and left unclaimed in the county morgue for six years. How did this happen?  Even though he had paid for a casket, bronze plaque, mausoleum crypt, […]


Preneed: Do you know your competitors?

I’ve been involved in the funeral business long enough to see the State of Minnesota move, in what I consider a more consumer friendly way, in respect to the business of preneed.  I can go back to the 1980’s when we were only allowed to put a consumer’s designated funeral funds into a bank guaranteed certificate of deposit. I’ve seen the preneed movement in our state then go to insurance sold by designated agents not affiliated with funeral homes to, […]


Funeral homes and the law

Every once in a while we hear stories of funeral homes being investigated for acts that would be contrary to the laws of their respective states.  This weekend we happened to notice two such articles in newspapers that dealt with funeral homes potentially running afoul of the preneed laws of their state. The first article deals with a cease and desist order for an Iowa funeral director and two funeral homes that had been under his jurisdiction.  This is an […]


Iowa Attorney General investigating two funeral homes prepaid accounts

According to an article published yesterday from Radio Iowa that you can read here, the Iowa attorney general is going to court asking that the Iowa Insurance Division be allowed to step in and try to recoup money from two funeral homes under investigation. According to a statement in the article, Dennis Britson, of the securities bureau in the Iowa Insurance Division commented, “This is about safeguarding consumer funds and getting them back to those individuals that those accounts are […]


Building Business and Retaining Clients by Adding Services

My wife’s 85 year old father died suddenly last February.  He and his wife had lived in the small – under 3000 person – community that they were both born in for all of his years.  Life in a community like that revolves around community activities that many times are centered around families – not widows or widowers. I will also say that the funeral home and funeral director in that small community are wonderful people and really serve the […]


Will that be Cash, Credit, or Crowdfunding?

  About a year ago Funeral Director Daily ran an article when we learned that some people were using crowdfunding sites to help raise the money needed to pay for the memorial expenses that they chose for their loved ones.  We recently read an article in the United Kingdom’s Independent entitled, “We had to beg for money to bury mum.”  You can read the article here. The article points out the difficulty a family had when their 49 year old […]