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Foundation Partners adds Denver locations

By Funeral Director Daily / July 8, 2019 /

It was announced last week that Orlando based funeral and cemetery operating company Foundation Partners Group had acquired All-States Cremation and its three associated businesses in the state of Colorado.  The acquisition marks Foundation Partners entrance into the rapidly changing Colorado market.  You can read more about the transaction from this press release. All-States Cremation,…

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Foundation Partners divests location

By Funeral Director Daily / June 3, 2019 /

It was announced on Friday in this article that the Shaw & Sons Funeral Home of Yakima Valley, Washington, was under the ownership of Jamin and Kara Mohler.  According to Jamin Mohler who stated, “Shaw & Sons has once again become a family-owned, local, neighbor-serving-neighbor funeral home”. The funeral home was started in 1899, and…

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Security National Memorial segment increases revenue by 15%

By Funeral Director Daily / May 30, 2019 /

Security National Financial Corporation, the Utah based financial and death care company showed a total company decrease in revenue for the 2019 1st Quarter as compared to the same quarter in 2018.  You can see their 1st Quarter report here which was made public on May 16. However, even as the company experienced a decrease…

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CEO Andrew Clark on Park Lawn Corporation Results

By Funeral Director Daily / April 8, 2019 /

Editor’s Note:  I am out of the office this week.  Because of that FDD will not be publishing an article on Tuesday or Thursday.  I hope you enjoy the articles for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I have scheduled. #                                # …

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Keeping the pump primed for acquisitions

By Funeral Director Daily / March 19, 2019 /

For the last half century the funeral industry has seen tremendous growth of multiple firm businesses getting that growth not necessarily thru growing sales, but by acquisition of other firms.  Firms that wanted to grow by acquisition  had to be ready when a firm from down the road came up for sale, which in many…

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Strategic Acquisitions Continue

By Funeral Director Daily / December 13, 2018 /

Mergers and acquisitions in the death care space are nothing new and actually seem to be accelerating in not only the retail funeral home and cremation space but among suppliers as well.  Earlier this week we learned of Foundation Partners Group acquiring the Loyless Funeral Homes of Florida and we learned of Wilbert Funeral Services,…

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Spanish Funeral Firms Consider Merger

By Funeral Director Daily / October 25, 2018 /

The second and third largest funeral home firms in Spain are considering a merger according to this article from Reuters.  Santa Lucia’s subsidiary Albia and Mapfres’ subsidiary Funespana are the number two and three in funeral services in the country and are contemplating teaming up to become a company that would do about $229 million…

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Foundation Partners Acquires South Carolina Firm

By Funeral Director Daily / October 15, 2018 /

Last week we learned that Orlando based Foundation Partners Group had acquired The Island Funeral Home and Crematory and Cremation Simplified in Hilton Head, South Carolina.  According to a press release that you can read here, that purchase expanded Foundation Partner’s network of funeral homes in South Carolina to eleven locations. Funeral Director Daily take: …

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This is happening more and more. .and for good Reason

By Funeral Director Daily / October 10, 2018 /

I read an article that you can read here pertaining to what is announced as a merger, but in reality looks like an acquisition.  This announcement talks about two funeral homes in Ohio that have “merged” operations.  It is about the Billow Funeral Homes and Crematory and the Bissler & Sons Funeral Home and Crematory.…

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In The News. . . .

By Funeral Director Daily / August 31, 2018 /

We will finish out the week letting you know some of the things that happened over the week without much editorial comment.  Have a great weekend and for those of our readers in the United States. . .Happy Labor Day on Monday!! Special Hearse for Aretha Franklin.  Click here to see a photo of the…

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