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It was announced on Friday in this article that the Shaw & Sons Funeral Home of Yakima Valley, Washington, was under the ownership of Jamin and Kara Mohler.  According to Jamin Mohler who stated, “Shaw & Sons has once again become a family-owned, local, neighbor-serving-neighbor funeral home”.

The funeral home was started in 1899, and is celebrating its 120th year of business in the Yakima Valley this year.  The article states that in the late 1980’s the funeral home came under corporate ownership and continued to be transferred from corporation to corporation for years.

The Mohlers also own two other funeral homes in the area.

According to the article, the Mohlers were contacted by Foundation Partners about acquiring the property earlier this year.

Funeral Director Daily take:  Good for the Mohlers!!  More so, however, on the Foundation Partners side of this transaction, we believe it shows that Foundation Partners is laser focused on getting into markets where there is the ability to cluster and serve a large number of clients.  We think that is a good strategy for solid earnings growth.

And, if you have properties that don’t fit that criteria, maybe it is best to divest them so you don’t have to worry about them.  We think Foundation Partners understands it is not just about accumulating properties — it is about making those properties you acquire profitable long into the future.  We said a couple of years ago it seems that Foundation Partners has changed the acquisition paradigm. . . instead of purchasing  traditional funeral homes and worrying about losing revenue to cremation services. . . maybe it would be a good strategy to acquire cremation centric businesses and map out call growth and revenue growth strategy .

It appears to us that is exactly what Foundation Partners is doing.  Here is a map of their locations.

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