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A perspective on the times, what we do. . and why

I was going to write today’s article on some business things to check into after Labor Day.  However, that article will wait until tomorrow.  When I read the Minneapolis Star Tribune editorial pages yesterdayI came across a short article written for the 1981 Labor Day.  You can access that article here. Now 1981 — that’s 40 years ago.  It also happens to be the first Labor Day for me after I had been a full-time employee for at least one […]


Happy Labor Day!!!

Today is Labor Day across our great country.  It is a day that has become embedded in my mind over the years as the last day of “official” summer and the beginning of the new school year.  Here in Minnesota it also marks the last day of our 12-day State Fair and is the unofficial time for boaters like me to get our boats out of the water for the season.  Labor Day also marks for me the end of […]