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Business Regulations

The case for a free-market (funeral business) society

Last week I saw an article about the Fast Food Accountability and Standards (FAST) Recovery Act that has passed both houses of the California legislature and is awaiting a signature by Governor Gavin Newsome to make it a law.  Part of what that law would do is create a 10-person fast-food council with employee and restaurant representatives plus some state officials.  The council would then set industry-wide standards, including wages, working hours, and conditions in for-profit, privately owned restaurants. I […]


Massachusetts makes some rule changes for public health sake

The state of Massachusetts has made some changes in practice that affect the work of funeral directors in the state.  The state mentions that these changes are for public health sake and will be effective until rescinded or until Gov. Charlie Baker terminates the state of emergency he declared on March 10. You can read an article on the changes from the Worcester Telegram here. The first change in practice is that the State of Massachusetts will relax its requirements […]


Death Care. . . Regulations and Some Rules

Over the past couple of days I’ve noticed a couple articles on rules and regulations in the Death Care industry.  These are not generally municipal or national rules but some rules that are now in effect in different places for different reasons.  I guess all that I have cited here make some sense to those that have established them.  Others may disagree on the rules. Balloon Ban in Canberra, Australia — This rule that you can read about here is […]


Spanish province backtracks on cremation ban of the obese

Spain’s Valencia region backtracked on some proposed regulations concerning cremation last week.  The area had issued proposed regulations for human cremations as the practice is growing in demand in the area.  The governmental region had mentioned that they are concerned with, and want to curtail, emissions from incineration. You can read about these ideas here. One of the proposed rules had to do with a ban on the cremation of very obese bodies.  Originally, they chose to include this ban […]