Acquisitions, new locations. . . .the business of funerals just keeps rolling along. . .

By Funeral Director Daily / April 12, 2022 /

It never ceases to amaze me how as habits change, some things stay the same and just keep rolling along.  I don’t mean that in any negative way, but as death care is looking at new options such as alkaline hydrolysis, green burial, and natural organic reduction in the future, the tried and true ways…

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Park Lawn Corporation reports Year End 2021 — Revenues grow, Acquisitions total $125 million, tell of 5-year aspirations

By Funeral Director Daily / March 8, 2022 /

Park Lawn Corporation (PLC) the public company whose website tells of the company owning and operating 138 funeral homes and 135 cemeteries located in 16 states and 3 Canadian provinces, reported their 4th Quarter and Year End 2021 results last week.  And, like other public companies they were able to report success in almost all…

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Re-visiting Recompose

By Funeral Director Daily / March 7, 2022 /

I’ve been an entrepreneur and started new companies so I know the drive and dedication behind one who does so.  And, to invent a new industry, which in some cases may include legislative law changes, to start the company in that environment is an even tougher hill to climb.  That’s why I’m such a fan…

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Propel Funeral Partners reports First-Half 2022, volumes, Revenue per Case move up

By Funeral Director Daily / March 4, 2022 /

There is no doubt that the world is a smaller place today because of the information that can be received instantaneously.  Look no further than war reporting and satellites in the sky — during World War II information on battles took days to reach American civilians while today reporters are in the field and send…

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Current events and how they are impacting cemetery services

By Funeral Director Daily / March 2, 2022 /

In Minnesota being at the “Lake Cabin” from Memorial Day to Labor Day is cherished time.  We are having our cabin kitchen remodeled this winter and expect to purchase new appliances to be in place by Memorial Day.  It’s interesting as we look at appliances to purchase “availability dates” are a new variable in what…

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It’s been 20 years since one of death care’s darkest days

By Funeral Director Daily / February 25, 2022 /

It was news in February 2002 when a player in one of North America’s most sacred occupations was discovered to have stored, what is believed to be, 344 dead human bodies that were poised for cremation.  It was what became known to many of us as the “Tri-State Crematory Scandal.” Led to discovery from an…

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Are the days of helping each other over

By Funeral Director Daily / February 18, 2022 /

Throughout my entire career in a small community, the funeral homes and the cemeteries helped each other out.  We had somewhat of a mutual dependence on each other that helped us both. For instance, when our funeral home served a family we would always suggest earth burial or entombment for the full body casketed funeral…

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The next British invasion

By Funeral Director Daily / January 28, 2022 /

Americans have been influenced by the Brits for centuries.  In the pre-Revolutionary day the colonists enjoyed the tea imported from the East India Tea Company of England until John Hancock’s merchant shop found a way to circumvent the tax on such by buying tea from a Dutch company.  Those purchases led to the Boston Tea…

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Canada’s Ontario province pulls out the stops to help funeral home staff shortages

By Funeral Director Daily / January 19, 2022 /

This article and video news story from CTV Canada explains that because of a chronic shortage of death care workers coupled with an increased number of deaths due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Bereavement Authority of Ontario (BAO) “is calling retirees into service to fill out vacancies and for the first time, it’s allowing college…

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Digital life and legacy services company has raised $7.5 million to date

By Funeral Director Daily / December 29, 2021 /

What happens to our online accounts, photos, documents and more when we die? According to this press release, “Our digital lives – and deaths – are increasingly complex.  Recent surveys show that some 65% of U.S. adults do not remember their passwords and another shows that 95% have no idea what happens to their digital…

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