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Afternoon Edition

Afternoon Edition: “Get to Know Them” – Bob Heidlage

Today’s “Get to Know Them” article features Bob Heidlage of Global Recruiters of Cincinnati..  I know Bob only from his kind comments that he passed on to me about his daily reading of Funeral Director Daily.  From those comments I wanted to know more about him and his link to the death care profession.  From what Bob tells us in this interview, I think he would be a valuable person for individuals, company personnel directors, and funeral home owners to […]

Afternoon Edition

Afternoon Edition: News you can use

In today’s Afternoon Edition we bring you information from some of our colleagues in the death care industry.  We have news from the National Funeral Directors Association about their upcoming national convention as well as three new podcasts from them that you might find interesting.  We also have news from some of our business associates at Clifton Larson Allen and U.S. Bank on ideas and suggestions about accounting for your business and financial management for the individual. Finally, we have […]


Are you ready for 2021. . . ready, set, Buy!

Over the years I’ve moved from really long-range planning about my business to a method where I plan for shorter durations.  I think my move has coincided with many who have went from developing long range “strategic” plans to plans that are shorter in duration, less set in stone, and allow a business to be more flexible and nimble as situations change. I think that trend has come to business in just the last several years, simply because “change’ in […]

Afternoon Edition

Afternoon Edition: Cemetery re-imagination and more

As we post our final Afternoon Edition before the Labor Day holiday we do so with some articles that are heavily weighted to the cemetery side of the death care profession.  In today’s News from the World of Death Care we bring you an article from “The Conversation” that deals with how the cemetery could be “Re-imagined”. And. . .we have about three other cemetery related articles that deal with Green Burials, the “derecho” damage to Iowa cemeteries, and the […]

Afternoon Edition

Afternoon Edition: New hires, webinar information, press releases and death care news

Our popular Afternoon Edition is back in circulation after being out of touch for a couple of weeks due to some of the technical difficulties we encountered at Funeral Director Daily.  Today we will bring you some news of who’s been hired in the industry and some information from our friends at Clifton Larson Allen concerning SBA forgiveness on such things as owner/employee compensation and rent related costs as well as bring you some updates on Death Care news. As […]


Security National has bang-up quarter, Memorial segment grows

Security National Financial Corporation (SNFC) is a diverse, but integrated company.  They are diverse in that they have three distinct segments – Mortgages, Life Insurance, and Cemeteries/Mortuaries – under their umbrella.  They are an integrated company in that all segments report together to bring a bottom line to the company. And, the integration was good for the Salt Lake City based public company in the 2nd Quarter of 2020 as you can read in their recently released financial results for […]


Is the Demographer the most important person in the corporate funeral office complex

I was talking to a colleague about a recent funeral home acquisition and asking what he thought of the transaction.  His comment startled me in that he said, “I hope they didn’t pay too much because no one dies in that community anymore.”  His implication was that the community we were discussing has became known as a “tourist and 2nd home area” and that, as not a place of main residences, the death rate per thousand is on the low […]


StoneMor, Inc. reports 2nd Quarter 2020. . comment on going private emerges

When Joe Redling was appointed CEO of StoneMor, Inc. the company was in fast decline, revenues were washing away, and losses were mounting.  That was June of 2018, only two years ago, and now, although far from being in the clear and a profit machine, there is hope at the end of the tunnel. StoneMor, Inc. reported its 2nd Quarter 2020 financial results last week and the comparable revenues for businesses operations have pretty much leveled off from a downward […]


Weekend edition: Kenya mortician, Idaho’s first Veterans’ Cemetery, the oldest cremation, and more

Another summer week has passed here in Minnesota and I’m already starting to think about not playing golf and just getting out to the fish house on a frozen lake.  Well, while I ponder that unwelcome turn of events to come, I will give you some great articles to read and ponder on over the weekend. First of all, we will tell you about Eva Ngima, a female mortician in Kenya who “who works to restore honor to the dead […]

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Afternoon edition: How COVID is changing funeral services, death in a Columbian cemetery, and more

There is no doubt that COVID-19 and the rules around social distancing are causing funeral homes and cemeteries to do the tasks required of them differently.  Today we share some of those subtleties and not so subtle aspects from Australia and America’s west coast funeral homes. We also have a story on how the disease is ravaging through Bogota, Columbia, and how a church deacon is keeping order  among one of its largest cemeteries. Finally, we bring you NFDA’s latest […]