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Finance Preneed

SCI sees 2Q 2021 Revenue per Service jump over $600 per case

Earlier this week the largest funeral home and cemetery operator in North America, Service Corporation International (SCI), revealed their results for the 2nd Quarter of 2021.  It was a much anticipated report as it would mark a comparison with the 2nd Quarter of 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic was flourishing and funeral homes and cemeteries were operating in a much more difficult and different world. As you might expect SCI’s “comparable funeral services performed” dropped 6.0% to 84,449 cases as […]


Funeral service. . . . .by the numbers

Funeral Director Daily published this article last week that we titled “We saw a lot of deaths in 2020”.  The article tried to put a number to the number of death care cases across the United States in our Covid-19 pandemic year.  We came up with the number of 3,427,321 which was a 20% increase in the number of deaths from 2019 — 2,854,838. That article captured my interest on other numbers, or data, which may be of interest to […]

Cemetery Products

A new use for cemeteries

Over the history of successful products you will encounter many that the intended use for the product never developed into something big, but another use came into play, many times by accident, that worked out okay for the developers of the product. First, let’s take a quick look at some products that have became very successful somewhat by accident.  In the 1920’s an unknown disease caused cattle to spontaneously bleed to death.  It was discovered that these cattle had eaten […]

Business Finance Products

Robot working overtime at Arbor Memorial funeral home

Canada’s privately owned  funeral home and cemetery company, Arbor Memorial, was recently selected as a “Gold Standard Winner” for Deloitte’s Best Managed Companies award for the 4th straight year.  The award is the country’s leading business award program recognizing entrepreneurial companies for the caliber of their management abilities and practices.  You can see a press release on this award here. It’s easy to see why Arbor Memorial is considered for this award every year when you look at an article […]

Business Cremation

The sky is not falling

I was somewhat amused as I watched this television news report from ABC News 11 in North Carolina.  The story is entitled, “For the first time there are more cremations than burials in North Carolina:  What is behind the change?”  I wasn’t amused due to the story line, what somewhat amused me is the anchor of the news station seeming very surprised by the news that this is happening. The anchor eventually asks the reporter something to the nature about […]


Learning from the Experts: Welton Hong of Ring Ring Marketing

From time to time, Funeral Director Daily asks experts in their field to author articles that we believe may be helpful to our readers.  In today’s world virtually every funeral home has a website.  However, having a website is not adequate anymore. . . . . knowing what that website can do for your business and how the consumer relates to the website is of ultra-importance.  To that end, we asked Welton Hong, founder and CEO of Ring Ring Marketing […]


Prime Day ended yesterday. What can we learn from Amazon

Amazon’s Prime Day concluded Tuesday in what was the 7th annual event for the company.  My understanding is that Prime Day was dreamed up as a 20th Anniversary celebration of the company in 2015.  2020 sales for the company in what is actually a two-day event (Monday/Tuesday) were reported as $10.4 billion and estimates are that this year’s sales may top $12 billion. Just to see what I could find for sale that may compete with the death care profession, […]

Business Cemetery

“Green” going big

Market forces eventually move ideas and products that become staples of our way of life.  However, in almost all cases, private investment is needed to spur the product or service into general practice among the American public.  Take the Tesla automobile, for instance.  Founder Elon Musk didn’t just take the idea of an electric automobile, grab some old 1957 Chevys and put batteries in them for the public to purchase. A lot of people talked about electric vehicles having a […]


Batesville shows another strong quarter

Batesville, a division of Hillenbrand Industries, reported their Fiscal Year 2nd Quarter during the first week of May.  While the entire company revenue increased 11% year over year, Batesville, the funeral service side of the business, increased their revenue by over 20% to a quarterly volume of $166 million. Here’s what was said in the FY 2Q 2021 report about the Batesville segment of Hillenbrand Industries: “Revenue of $166 million increased 20% year over year driven by an increase in […]

Afternoon Edition

News you can use

In an effort to get you more information to learn more and more about your profession, Funeral Director Daily brings you these opportunities that have been sent to us for your information.   From the National Funeral Director’s Association: A Brush with Death podcast — Going Green: Another funeral option.  Podcast #23 in a series this podcast interviews Amy Cunningham, a New York City funeral director and celebrant who specializes in Green Burials. NFDA Webinar –– “The Success or Failure […]