With a history from livery service to modern funeral home. . . Key West funeral home changes hands

By Funeral Director Daily / October 4, 2023 /

  At Funeral Director Daily we hear about a lot of funeral homes that change hands.  We can’t report on all of them, but some family funeral homes have such unique historical characteristics that we like to pass on the knowledge of those transactions just to keep the historical perspective of funeral homes in America…

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InvoCare posts 2023 first half numbers amid TPG takeover

By Funeral Director Daily / August 31, 2023 /

    InvoCare, Australia’s largest Death Care provider, announced its First Half results for 2023 last week.  That was a little over two weeks after they agreed to be purchased by private equity firm TPG Global for a price announced at about US$ 1.18 billion.   InvoCare, which also has operations in New Zealand and…

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A solution at the cemetery

By Funeral Director Daily / August 10, 2023 /

      According to this article in the Sarnia Observer Harold Sonnenberg has been pretty busy as the superintendent of Greenwood Cemetery in Waterford, Ontario, Canada.   What’s happened there happens all over North America in cemeteries and provides back-breaking work for those who “fix the problem” to satisfy families of those interred.   The…

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Carriages Services 2Q 2023: Revenues increase but Interest expense holds back profits

By Funeral Director Daily / August 8, 2023 /

      Houston based funeral home and cemetery operator Carriage Services reported their 2nd Quarter 2023 financial report last week one day after Service Corporation International.  What may become a common theme is that the companies have been able to increase revenue quarter over quarter during the past year but those gains run into…

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Confessions of a retired funeral director

By Funeral Director Daily / July 20, 2023 /

      I had an incident in church on Sunday that both the party I was involved with and myself laughed about at the time.  However, when I returned home I thought about the situation and wondered to myself, “Is it just me in this stage of life or is humanity, in general, losing…

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Tomorrow night is Peer Support Night

By Funeral Director Daily / July 17, 2023 /

      One of Funeral Director Daily’s sponsors, the Cremation Association of North America (CANA), will again be helping to host the Peer Support Network online meeting tomorrow night, July 18, at 8 pm Eastern, 7 pm Central time.   Here’s what CANA says about this month’s meeting in a recent press release on…

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Here’s some good news from our profession

By Funeral Director Daily / July 11, 2023 /

      I like it when I read about good things happening in the Death Care business.  Sometimes, like this story, the good news grows out of bad deeds. . . but, in the end, it’s how our profession can step up and help that makes me feel good about what we do.  …

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Massachusetts Chapel and Cemetery receives architecture award

By Funeral Director Daily / June 19, 2023 /

    The Bigelow Chapel at Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Massachusetts, received a 2023 National AIA Interior Architecture Award according to this notice from the Journal of the American Institute of Architects.  The notice (and link) from that publication also allows for the view of photos of the building.   According to that article,…

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NFDA podcast honors Todd W. Van Beck

By Funeral Director Daily / June 14, 2023 /

    Funeral Director Daily is sharing our Wednesday Afternoon Edition to simply make you aware of the National Funeral Director’s (NFDA) “Brush with Death” podcast series and one of its latest editions.  We want to make you aware of Podcast #56 entitled “In Loving Memory of Todd Van Beck“.   Here’s what NFDA says…

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Preneed Marketing: What age to aim at?

By Funeral Director Daily / June 14, 2023 /

    When a company commits marketing dollars to a specific purpose they want to make sure that those dollars move the needle  as far as they can.  So, a topic I’m interested in is at what age should a funeral home start putting preneed marketing in front of a potential client?   I’m certain…

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