Seeking Alpha author suggests that SCI is a stock you might want to hold “for a decade or two”



Earlier in May the largest public funeral home and cemetery operator in North America, Service Corporation International (SCI), reported on their 1st Quarter of 2023 operations.  Shortly after that, on May 8, an author from Seeking Alpha wrote an article on his opinion of SCI.  The title of that article will give you an opinion on what he thinks  — “Service Corporation:  One of those buy and hold forever type stocks”.


You can read the article here, but following is a little teaser that might entice you to do that.  Here’s what the author states in the opening paragraphs of his article:


I like companies that are in unique industries with a moat, and this article covers one of such companies. Service Corporation International is the largest funeral home operator in the world, and it has a solid track record of delivering strong results for its investors.  I believe this is unlikely to change anytime soon.

The company has been around since 1962, and it operates close to two thousand funeral homes and cemeteries across the US and Canada. You would think that the funeral home business is a highly commoditized sector with limited growth, but this company will surprise you with its results, as it almost tripled its revenues since 2010.”



The article goes on to give much more information on Service Corporation International.

Matthews International named a Top 11 “Conglomerate” stock by Yahoo Finance This article, dated May 4, 2023, from Yahoo Finance lists death care cemetery, funeral services, crematory, and memorialization provider Matthews International as its #8 selection as a “Conglomerate” stock to buy now.


Disclaimer — The author of this article for Funeral Director Daily holds a stock position in Service Corporation International.


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