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We’ve just passed the 15th day of the month and that brings us to publishing a reprise of the top read stories of the past 30 days on Funeral Director Daily.  This month we have stories on several aspects of death care including caskets, the potential dwindling number of funeral homes, selling death care in a “limitless” world, cemetery problems, and news on some of the new and different memorialization products available.


In addition, we bring you an extra story. .  this one on the re-branding of StoneMor into what is now known as Everstory Partners.


Here’s are Top 5 stories for the month and an extra one. . . . Enjoy:


  1. Titan Casket appears on CBS Sunday morning
  2. Will funeral homes go the way of banks?
  3. Selling Death Care in a “Limitless” world
  4. Burials on hold. . . more problems at cemeteries
  5. Parting Stone website traffic increases after Shark Tank episode


And, we are giving you one extra story this month. . . mostly because of timing.  This story was published on April 13, 2023, by Funeral Director Daily and eventually had a lot of readers.  However, when we did our last 30-day Top Read articles on April 15, it had not been top read because it had only been exposed to our readers for 2 days.  Over time it became a top read story, but would generally miss our cut-off for this month because it has not been published in the past 30 days.  . . However, to give it the visibility it deserves we are including it today.



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