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Nashville area gets online cremation service

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An online cremation provider has been opened in the Nashville and Middle Tennessee areas according to this press release.  Lumen Cremation, LLC, makes a point to mention to consumers that every cremation will be performed by a well-established Nashville mortuary that owns its own crematory.

Lumen Cremation touts in the press release that “. . . . is different because everything happens online.  Families make their arrangements from the comfort of their own homes.”

Lumen Cremation also touched on the popularity of cremation and some of the their thoughts on which factors contributing to that popularity include:

  • Affordability
  • Flexibility
  • Convenience
  • Safer

Recent data indicate that the State of Tennessee has a provisional cremation rate of 42.3% for 2020, well under the United States rate of 56.1%.

According to the Lumen Cremation website that you can see here, prices for direct cremation start at $995.

You can see an a 30-second video ad for Lumen Cremation here.

Funeral Director Daily take:  We thought that this was a good article to bring up the conversation about “low-cost direct cremation”.  While there are many segments or choices in the disposition of a human remains for individuals and families to make, we anticipate going forward that just as the percentage of cremation dispositions crept up over the past 40 years from about 7% to America’s rate of over 56% today, direct cremations will be one of those disposition choices that creeps up in that fashion.

While there are cremations with funeral home assisted memorial services and cremations following a full viewing and funeral, we believe that those percentages will pale in proportion to the direct cremation numbers going forward.  As a 35-year funeral director, I see much value in memorial or funeral services conducted by funeral directors.  However, I’m somewhat of the opinion that the American public does not see that value. . . . .and that’s too bad because those services do help in celebrating a life that has been lived and in the grief recovery process.

I think in every market, if they are not there already, we will see a low-cost online cremation provider that will grow its market share.  I’ve said it before, however, if the price point is $995, they may have to ask themselves if it is worth it when they see the bottom line at the end of the year.  It’s all going to depend on the acquisition costs of the clientele. . . . that is where the jury is out. . . . .can “completely online” also mean customer acquisition online through proper data recognition and interpretation to make it low-cost and worthwhile?

It is something that time will tell.  Funeral homes that are full-service operators need to have a plan in place for when one of these companies starts their advertising in your neighborhoods.

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  1. Jeff Bezo made billions by focusing on making additional pennies; compared to the cash flow generated by most Amazon sales, the profit margin from on-line cremation is massive.
    Traditional funeral service is a great business; the ceremony celebrates a life that was lived, and begins the grief recovery process. The business model will perpetuate as long man inhabits the earth. But the traditional funeral with burial is not consistent with the lifestyles of many Americans. Families do not live in close proximity making attending funerals expensive and sometimes very difficult. Many families want and need an alternative just as they want and need an alternative to visiting their local Home Depot or Walmart.
    Direct disposal cremation lends itself to digital marketing; it’s a commodity in as much as the end result is the same regardless of price.

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