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In my morning e-mail on investment opportunities this morning was an opinion on Service Corporation International.  Michael Gayed of Seeking Alpha wrote a short piece on SCI as an investment opportunity that I thought I would pass on to my readers.  You can read Gayed’s piece here.

What I found interesting in the article was not necessarily stock market or business related but demographic related.  Just last week I wrote an article for Funeral Director Daily entitled “It’s about Demographics” of which you can read here.

Here are a couple of tidbits from Gayed’s article:

  • By 2034, for the first time in our history, the United States will have more people aged 65+ than children under the age of 18.
  • By 2030 all Baby Boomers will have passed 65 years of age and until the year 2050 deaths will increase significantly as the population ages.

Funeral Director Daily take– Neither of those statistics are unique to death care.  However, how the death care industry will respond to those numbers is where we will find the winners and losers of the economic battles for market share.  And, will some of those winners be alkaline hydrolysis, green burial, recomposition, no service low cost cremation, and the niche facilities they will bring with or will the consumer continue to use full service funeral homes for the services of the future?

Those are questions that today’s death care industry leaders and entrepreneurs are grappling with.

That’s where the decisions of today on which way your firm will turn will make vital importance on your economic output in the future.

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