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I like to stay abreast of what is happening in the world of finance.  And, even though I like to stay in my lane about what I know, over the years I probably bought a stock or two in a company where I didn’t really know the inside out of how the company made its profits.

I also like to think that I know the business of Death Care somewhat and understand most of the roads to profitability.  I ‘ve held investments in the category for years because I think certain companies have the ability to churn out profits year after year with good management.

It’s always interesting for me to see what others — those not in our profession — think about the individual companies that make up the world of publicly traded Death Care companies.  Towards the end of 2021, I noticed a couple of articles on companies in our industry and found that the authors, from their secular perspective, maybe see things differently than I do.

I think you may enjoy reading these articles.

The Death Rate Soared Last Year – But not why you think” from  —

The premise of this article is that the discussed companies are “relatively undervalued” and have traditionally had “above-average historical sales growth, dividend increases, and earnings growth.”  The article touches on Carriage Services, Hillenbrand Industries, and Service Corporation International.

“StoneMor”  Resurrection of Graveyard Stock, Worth 4-5x to Shareholders” from Seeking Alpha —

The premise of this article is that there may be more to StoneMor, Inc. than meets the eye.  Here’s what the author says in an intro to the company, “. . .over the last several years (StoneMor) has gone through a transformation starting with installing CEO, Joe Redling. Redling eliminated unnecessary headcount, sold non-contiguous cemeteries, reduced corporate overhead by almost half, automated processes, and refinanced debt. Most importantly, a revamped sales team has ramped up pre-funded cemetery sales growth.”

Funeral Director Daily take:  You may or may not agree with the takes of the authors about these companies.  However, some of their thoughts may have never been in your head before.  I present the articles with no opinions of my own.

Disclaimer:  The author holds stock positions in some companies mentioned in today’s article.

More news from the world of Death Care:

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