“Final Responders” PSA passes more than $5 million in advertising value

Last March a public service announcement (PSA) created by the International Cemetery, Cremation, and Funeral Association (ICCFA) Education Foundation began airing.  In early November the association announced that the PSA campaign has been one of the best in media history by, according to Nielsen TV research, being broadcast 7,955 times and viewed by an approximate 90 million people.  If one were paying for that exposure, Nielsen estimates that the approximate cost would be $5,109,982.

According to Jim Price, ICCFA Educational Foundation President, “In the face of the pandemic, funeral directors and cemeterians have become creative in finding ways for families to find comfort following a loved one’s death; this campaign recognizes the efforts of all those associated with the funeral profession.”

And, according to Joe Weigel of Weigel Strategic Marketing, who organized the campaign for the ICCFA Educational Foundation, funeral directors can still leverage the Final Responders campaign in their local communities by placing the television PSAs on their company’s website as well as posting them on their Facebook pages.

You can find more information and a PSA at www.finalresponders.org



CANA/Foundation Partners Announce Seminar

The Cremation Association of North America (CANA) and Foundation Partners Group have joined forces to offer a free webinar entitled, “Consumer Attitudes Toward Online Deathcare are Changing“.  The seminar will be live on Wednesday, November 17 at 1 pm Central Time, 2 pm Eastern Time.  One hour of CE credit is available.

To learn more about this seminar and register please click here.

Here is a synopsis of the program:

What was once just convenient became necessary during months of pandemic lockdowns and shifting restrictions on gathering. Online shopping, virtual arrangements, memorial videos and other digital solutions provided connections to loved ones lost when travel was not an option. But, as eager as we all are to gather in person, families expect these virtual options to continue.

Deathcare is not alone in this shift. Across the board, COVID-19 impacted traditional interactions and created emerging opportunities: online shopping and purchases increased, and people joined meetings, lectures and performances all over the world from the comfort of their homes. The use of telemedicine, for example, increased by more than 30 percent as both consumer and provider attitudes opened up to the practice.

New solutions for funeral providers to connect with families are more important than ever. Listen in on a panel discussion with digital marketing experts from Foundation Partners Group, Astound Commerce and eFuneral. They’ll come ready with data and insights drawn from in-depth consumer conversations about online arrangements and associated support services over the past two years.

Learn more about the types of products and services today’s consumers look for to complement traditional deathcare services from:

  • Lee Senderov, Chief Marketing & Digital Officer of Foundation Partners Group
  • Scott Ankerholz, Vice President of Marketing at Foundation Partners Group
  • Sally Camm, Director of Digital Engagement at Astound Commerce
  • Luke Frieberg, President of eFuneral

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